Saturday, August 29, 2015

En Route to Butler Island from City Bay, North Hero

This morning, Claude stopped at the store via pedal kayak to pick up a few groceries. Apparently the whole town knows about our boat now. 

We have left City Bay in North Hero and are en route to Butler Island via Knight Island, where there is a state park. We will hang at Knight for breakfast while we refuel the boat (that is, anchor in the sunshine). It does not cease to amaze me that every day we move around this lake, solely by solar power and our little electric motor that "can". 

As we are winding down our trip, we have some ideas of what is coming next, but we are still unplanned. We are at Butler today, and probably overnight, and then might head up the inland see to the Alburg Passage from the north. Just an idea.

Here are more photos for you. Nice ones of the sunrise in City Bay and the house. 

Underway Toward Knight Island

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