Saturday, August 15, 2015

Valcour Island, at Last!

The winds were good to us today, that is, they were fairly low, or nonexistent, which made our crossing doable and so we set out this morning before 8:30 am. It was fairly cloudy for a good part of the morning, so we motored conservatively, using under 300 watts most of the way out to start, going at about 2.2-2.4 mph. We made it through the cut by 11:30, and we made it to Valcour by 2 PM.

En route, we had a delicious egg scramble, and later, nice fresh fruit smoothies for lunch.

Now we are on anchor in Scoop's Cove at Valcour, on the west side of the island, in the leigh of what winds there are from the west and northwest. There are a number of other boats in this cove, and it's very quiet and pleasant. We had quite a few boats come up and visit us en route and in the cove. One said they heard about us on Facebook. So, we are "getting around" so to speak.

When we arrived, I went out for a swim with the waterproof camera and you will see the results of those photos, taking pictures of this cove and the next.

Oh, and there is even another houseboat in this cove. We think the owners must be camping because we don't see them around.

Here are the photos from today. I especially like the photos of the house from my swim. Enjoy.

En Route

Big Sky, Tiny House

Island Passage

Everyone Wants to Talk to Us!

Houseboat in Our New Cove, Valcour Island

Valcour Island


Her Majesty, Wake with the Sun

Paradise Cove, Valcour Island

Snoop's Cove, Valcour Island (our new home)

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