Friday, August 21, 2015

Beautiful Day

Today is Friday, and it's a beautiful day. Yesterday was very windy, with gusts to 30 mph and higher, and it was very hot and sunny. We took the ferry with our bikes to the mainland where we road off on lakeshore roads (mostly) down to Mallets Bay. It was very hot, so it was a tough ride down. It was very nice to get to the marina where our car was, jump into a shower, and then head off in an air-conditioned car. We reprovisioned the boat, and took the ferry back, and now the car is nearby.

As I said, today it beautiful. It rained overnight, and cool air came in. I thought it would be low winds when I set out on my board this morning, but I encountered very strong winds out of the SW. I took some photos with the waterproof camera, so you will have to excuse the water smudges on the lens. The water really was very wild. I ended up having to get off my board in the wildest of it, and swim against the wind (believe it or not, swimming with the board is easier than boarding against 2 ft waves and winds)....and then I turned the south end corner and swam with the winds for a bit and then got back on the board.

Here are some photos that I dared to take while out there, as well as photos from our bike ride yesterday to Mallets Bay.

I have started asking folks about their thoughts on the algae we have observed. The consensus (from my small survey) is that folks are angry because wet manure from dairy farms is used on the corn fields for fertilizer, and the runoff of phosphates into the lake encourages the algae blooms.

OK.. all for now. I hope you enjoy these photos.

Thursday Sunrise

St. Albans Bay with Brompton

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