Thursday, July 18, 2019

Full July - Full Moon, Sunsets, Life in Paradise

Well, it's been lovely, if hot up here. I have taken a couple of trips back to the Boston area, but each time I return it's a real homecoming. Claude and I have been enjoying our trips out on the lake, and we have even found our "kitchen garden" of black trumpet mushrooms to have replenished itself.


The following photo is of the sunset, July 17. Storm clouds and sun. More to follow.

Storm Clouds and Sunset

We went out for a lovely sunset dinner cruise the evening of July 17, and here is what we saw. 

Another Sunset Cruise

Full Moon Cruise July 16

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

My Black Trumpet Kitchen Garden is Back

Dawns, Sunsets, Bugs, Loons, Life on Wake with the Sun, and East Meets West

Water Shots

 Duke Levine and the Super Sweet Sounds of the 70s
I had the chance to catch these guys again in Cambridge this July.

A visit with a friend


Framingham, MA
Sorin Bica's mural in downtown framingham, and the downtown main intersection.