Friday, December 16, 2016

Charles River to the State House by Bike, Grace Kelly, and More

So it's coming on holidays and there is a chill in the air. I have been busy cooking and feeding people and getting outside on my bike. This week I had to attend an event at the Massachusetts State House and so I drove to Newton and road my bike along the Charles River to the event. It was a sunny day in the low 40s and it was a lovely way to travel. I took some nice photos along the way too.

Last week I had a chance to attend a Grace Kelly concert at the Natick Center for the Arts. She is a very talented jazz sax player and she she also writes pop songs that she sings. At this show she incorporated a video presentation with her performance.The video was somewhat repetitive, and not always interesting, so for me it produced a little more distraction as far as the show went, but, I think I took some interesting photos of the show. Really way too many, but it's hard to curate them, as she is so photogenic, and you get a sense of the action from these shots I am presenting here.

Other photos I am showing are my last of my raspberries before I cut them down for the winter, some nice beach shots at Cape Cod, colorful Thanksgiving fire photos, (with the obligatory turkey) and some miscellaneous shots. I will open with this shot I took out of the car windshield, (figuring it was best not to leave the car for this one) but I think it's still pretty interesting. I took this outside of a hairdressing shop in Bedford, MA.

All for now. Happy trails.

Cape Cod Thanksgiving

These photos are of Marconi Beach, and later, the turkey (all dressed up) and the thanksgiving campfire.

This Person Does Not Run

Biking the Charles River to the State House, December 6

Canada geese, Charles River landmarks, graffiti, a welder at work, the community boathouse, and elusive swans, all in this set.

Paddler on the Charles, Dec. 6

Community Boating

Elusive Swans

Raspberries at the End of Season, December 8, 2016


Thanksgiving Amaryllis

Grace Kelly, December 4, 2016, Natick Center for the Arts

I'm including all these photos as they show the motion of the show, even though some are very similar. The first photos are of the interior of the center (including some artwork) prior to the show, and then a shot of the exterior, and then the show.

Grace and her Mom

Rick Berlin at Gallery 55 in Natick

I had the chance to see Rick Berlin and Co (Sam, Marnie, and Baxter) perform music and read from his new book at the Gallery 55 in Natick. Here are some nice photos.

Ice on Dug Pond

I think it will be skateable by the time you read this. The photos are from Dec 15. They include one photo of the amaryllis...I think it will boom, and one across the street from the pond.

Mass Center for the Book Awards at the State House

I had the opportunity to visit the MA State House in December, for the Center for the Book annual awards ceremony. Here are some of my photos of the great hall.

Is this a selfie?

Annual Reading of A Child's Christmas in Wales

My good friend, who is a great writer, humorist, musician, art collector, and foodie, has an annual gathering to read Dylan Thomas' story, A Child's Christmas in Wales. The painting says it all. 

Finally, Burning Bush Stumps we Tackled with the Chainsaw