Monday, September 17, 2018

Toward Equinox

I went away for a few days after a period of rain and clouds, and, freshly back, at sunrise this morning, I noticed the sun has moved distinctly further south (to rise from directly the east) since over the summertime, when it was rising in the northeast. So, this is part of the sadness of equinox - the days shortening, and the chilling of the air. We have had it easy lately, with some heat spells, but the chill is coming when the rains of the hurricane pass by tomorrow.

Here I have some photos of our dock garden, and it's iterations (we have a cucumber!), and our boat rides with sunsets, and sunrises, and clouds, and paddling, and many more. Plus, while home I visited my raspberry patches, and attended the 2018 Plein Air Poetry walk at the Old Frog Pond Farm, so have some nice photos from the farm. You might want to compare those photos to those I took last winter, when I visited the farm to start writing the poem that I read yesterday at the event.

We also had some friends visit us for the first time, and we enjoyed walking, mushroom hunting, pedal kayaking, and sawing logs with them, not to mention eating.

Oh and Claude finished lifting the house!

I have another plein air poetry walk through the closing of an installed sculpture exhibit at the Beals Preserve, 30 Main Street, Southborough, MA.This walk takes place at 4 PM on Sunday September 23rd. I have three poems in the chapbook collected for this event. Here is a link for more information:

Here is our first dock garden cucumber when it was just a baby:

Here are more dock garden photos at various stages of the garden -- always the same cucumber...

Here we are together, dinner on the boat

This photo was taken before the last blog post by one of our friends. I thought I'd include it here.


Meals on board

Cooking on board

Around the House

 One of my golden raspberries.

The house, a cloudy morning.

Our front "yard," after a storm

Out in the cove

More Boating

Claude and the Wake with the Sun, Sunbathing together

More Boating

Cool light under the boat

Our Famous Pies

The gathered, the to be gathered

Here, raspberries from my garden at home, and a single fresh black trumpet mushroom. I also found a bunch of dried black ones and rehydrated and cleaned them to use in s meal. 

My golden raspberries on the bush

Evening Sun

Morning Sun, just prior to equinox

Claude Lifted and Leveled the House!

Friends Visiting

We ended up walking to the church on Bear Island and someone arrived who could let us in. 
The dinner table.

The couch.


Me, with my crazy bandana

Walking the Line

Chopping Wood, Walking Woods, Wood and Light

I walked through the woods to look for mushrooms and here are some results. We also had some men climbing trees on our property and cutting them down. And then some men (and women) sawed up some of the results. 

Way up in the tree there is someone cutting

Old Frog Pond Farm

There were lots of beautiful sculptures around and here are some photos of them, as well as the Plein Air Poetry reading, which took place yesterday afternoon. The chapbooks are beautiful, and you can purchase one through the Old Frog Pond Farm. You will have to go to their contact page and order the 2018 book from them. Linda Hoffman so graciously opened her beautiful studio to the public to see her wonderful sculptures as well as the work of her daughter and another artist.

During the reading there was a poem about water snakes. I sat down in the shade of a tree that hot afternoon and while I was eating a bite, I saw snake approach to rest as well, and I took some nice photos. 

Love the snake eye

Walden Pond, EV and E-Bike Fest and Pond

I tried the e-bike and enjoyed the ride.  I also checked out the frunk (front trunk) of the Model 3 and I am glad I didn't wait for that. Enjoying much more room in the Bolt.