Monday, August 28, 2017

Three-Mile Island Camp, Travels with Friends, Traveling the Lake

So, we are sadly winding our summer on Lake Winnipesaukee down. We are enjoying the crisp weather, and the warm afternoons. Last week, after my marathon run to Boston for the Boston Poetry Marathon, we spent a serene "off-the-grid" week on the Appalachian Mountain Club's (AMC's) Three-Mile Island Camp as "week 9" campers. There were lots of other lovely folks there to chat with or undertake activities, or just hang on the dock. I have some photos of the lookers at the solar eclipse. I hope you enjoy these photos. As always, it's lovely to hear from you.

Three Mile Island at Dawn

 Hawksnest Swimmers

Oil Slick out of our Cove on the way to Three-mile Island

Pedal Kayak en route to Three Mile

Viewing the Solar Eclipse --- The Sun was Good to Everyone

Random Three-Mile island Photos

When you first arrive at AMC's Three-Mile island, there is a "town meeting" at the dock, and the "croo" puts on a skit. 

The Sophie C. US Mail boat also makes it to Three-Mile Island in summers.

A view of a bench.

Smokin' the Meat

Leaving TMI, the hardest thing.

After Three-Mile, more Lake Photos and Friends

Two Carlas swimming Five Mile Island

A friend in the kayak