Saturday, March 28, 2020

Strange Times Indeed - Blogging in the time of CV

What can I add to this conversation, that changes minute by minute? With each breath we hope we are not exchanging this virus with others.

I am remiss, for not having posted since the new year, and so much has happened since then. We took our "first day" walk on New Year's Day up at Halibut Point State Park on the North Shore area of MA.

I attended several music events until the venues were shut down. One of my favorite shows was at club Passim, where David Champagne, Jim Fitting and friends (unfortunately Billy Conway couldn't make it) formerly of "treat her right" did a fantastic cd release show for "Billy, Jimmy, and Dave" (not sure of the order).

I gave two poetry readings, one at the Old Manse in Concord, MA, and one at the Home.Stead Cafe (which sadly has closed for the time being) in Dorchester, MA. My poetry reading for April 28 in Lee, MA is canceled unfortunately.

We went on several hikes, walks, and bike rides all around, and now that we are "holed up" together in our nest in Carlisle, we have been doing even more cycling.

So, I have a lot of photos to show, and I hope some of these can bring you some joy during this difficult time.

Stay healthy and safe.

Mourning Doves

I had these morning doves appear on my back deck and now they live nearby and enjoy their morning sun on my deck. I wanted to photograph them when I had the chance.

First Day Walk, Halibut Point State Park, MA

This park is cool because you first walk through/around a former granite quarry before you head out to the ocean. #firstdaywalk #firstdaywalkma

After walking we drove into the town of Rockport, and walked around. 

A Walk through Harold Parker State Park in Andover in February

Early January Walk on the Saxonville Trail

January 25, Walden Pond Ice

Craftsubury Outdoor Center, Craftsbury VT

For my annual trip I lead for the Appalachian Mountain Club to Craftsbury this year, we had the best conditions, ever.

Wild Turkeys Strutting in the Yard

In the Time of CV I went for a walk with a friend between Walden Pond and Sandy Pond

During this time, it's still nice to meet friends and walk (keeping social distance). 

Last Sunday We Headed up to Gilford, NH to put the battery into the houseboat. Still lots of ice there. 

After that we drove the Nashua and rode our bikes to Groton on the Nashua River Rail Trail, which is a lovely paved trail that goes through Pepperell and Groton before ending in Ayer, MA.

The next day, Monday Mar 23, it snowed quite a bit

New Bridge Coming on the Cochituate Rail Trail in Natick/Framingham

I drove by the other day and saw right near Home Depot in Natick they are extending the Cochituate rail trail across route 30 via bridge. 

Cochituate Rail Trail

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, MA

Pussy willow in bloom and red-winged blackbirds.

My Indoor Garden includes Lilies and Raspberries

My Mar 6 Gig at the Home.Stead in Dorchester, just before everything closed

We Started our Valentine's Day evening in Boston at the Bebop

Dave Champagne, Jim Fitting, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Larry Dersch, Jerome Dupree, and more

including Katie and "the Kimball Sisters" for an amazing cd release experience of Billy, Jimmy, and Dave at Club Passim- Jan 19, sold out show, before social distancing became a "thing."

Jamie Walker and Stu Kimball at the Bull Run in Shirley

 Bob Bradshaw and Dennis Brennan

 Carla reads poetry at the Old Manse with the N.E. Poetry Club

Scary Times

Here's a picture of my Dad, who so far has escaped CV, when he first went into the hospital.He's out now, and doing much better, but it's a scary time for folks like him.