Saturday, October 27, 2018

Set with the Sun, or Wake with the Long Night

We have started into the days of the longer nights now. The sun is shorter on the horizon and there is a chill in the air. Leaves have begun to turn on the lake and there is snow on the mountains. We even had snow on the Wake with the Sun. So, it is with sadness we are saying goodbye to the lake for time being, but it's been a lovely run.

I was swimming in 56 degree water at the end, and sometimes through big waves in very high winds. The winds began to prevail from the north for the most part and there were days you couldn't take a boat out. In the thick of this, Claude kept up his house renovations and we demolished the front facade and put in 7 windows and a door! It's beautiful to behold the expansive view, and to see the work he accomplished in a very short time, with only a bit of help from me (not that I didn't offer more).

One windy day just before I left, I went walking in the afternoon and found a big pile of black trumpet mushrooms. The weather had turned cold by then, so I figure these must have come out in warmer weather, and then thrived in the cool temperatures.  When we live on the lake "going out for dinner" means we bring our dinner out on the boat and heat it or cook it and watch the sunset. We have never tired of it. Tonight, back home, we really "went out for dinner," which is also nice, but different of course. One thing about being back home is we don't have to think so much about the wind -- that is the wind is not such a determining factor in our lives away from the water.

Oh and I have had a poem published recently. You might find it interesting if you use #facebook. It's called "To the Posting Facebook Users"

So, to all, happy autumn. As always, it's lovely to hear from you. Here is a nice photo of the autumn dawn in our cove, the morning it snowed. This is followed by a few more photos of the snow and the leaves.

Photos from around the yard and dock

The Facade Renovation

Putting in 7 windows and a door could not have been feasible if Claude hadn't first jacked up the house to insert supportive beams and level the house. Now we have a gorgeous view of the lake from anywhere at the front of the house.

Oh and in case you forget what it used to look like in front here is a photo from last year. If you look carefully, you can see that the house is sagging on one side. 

A Few Random Pix of the Wake with the Sun on the Dock and Food from the Garden and more

These photos include some interesting looking squash, carrots, and found black trumpet mushrooms.

Blowing in the Wind

The Renovator

Our Last Out to Dinner

A room with a View -- my office during the renovations. Not bad.

Leaving the Lake

Here are the last photos I took on the lake as I was heading out on the Kayak with Claude driving the Wake with the Sun. The wind and waves were a bit fearce at some points of the ride.

A Trip to New York

In early October, we went to Long Island to help celebrate my father's birthday.  Here are some photos, mostly of Stepping Stone Park in Great Neck, including monkeying around on the monkey bars.

Cycling in Westfield

We took the opportunity to go back to the cool bike paths that start in Westfield, MA and then head south by tobacco fields, through CT and to RI. We made it just close to the CT line. Here are some nice photos both of the town and its wacky pumpkin festival, and the bike path. There are a couple of photos of a 66 Chevelle on display. I owned a 67 way back so I have some nostalgia for the car, and I understand the skeleton on the air filter. 


A Trip to the Museum

The MFA and Boston teamed up with Mass Poetry for Writing and Visual Art sessions. This one was led by Kathleen Aguero in the exhibit of work by Claes Oldenburg. It was very cool. Here are a few photos from that as well as the Vicuna Disappeared Quipu exhibit, where the next poetry and visual art collaboration will take place.