Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eagle Eye

Thursday was a good take to take the boat out. The winds were not too high, and we decided first, to head to Three Mile Island, where the AMC campers were all out and in awe as we passed by. Then we headed for Blueberry Island, and anchored at the tip. Blueberry island, like many of the Winnipesaukee islands, has blueberries on the south side. So, we went picking. When we were done we returned to our boat. Soon, I saw fleets of kayakers heading toward the island. There must have been some sort of twitter feed about the Eagle nestled atop a tree at the head of the island. So, I pulled out the camera, and although our boat was kind of shaky with the wakes of other boats, we were able to capture the eagle close up. You can see some photos here.

And of course we have the usual sunrise photos. and one more from the Wake with the Sun, Inc. Office comedy series. Hope you enjoy.

House at Bear

 Blueberries at Blueberry Island 

 More Sunrise

The Eagle

More Sunrise

Could you please repeat that. The employee in the next cubicle is eating a carrot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Swimming for Mail, Hot Days, Cool Days, Loveliness

It's serene here on our cove on Bear Island Lake Winnipesaukee as I write this. The sun is waning, the air is cool. The rippling water reflects the sky. Our days are all different, and yet, there is a similarity. I usually wake early (with the sun) and head out on my paddle board. I will head into the wind if I can, so that I can surf back if there is any wind, on the way home. I then head out for a swim. I have my waterproof mp3 player for both the boarding and the swimming, and it's nice to spend time with my music this way, as I spend more time listening to books when I am on dry land than to my recorded music. I had a session with about 9 Lucinda Williams albums. They are all different, but some songs are not easily differentiated with the water. So, that was a bit much. However, listening to Miles Davis, or Stan Getz, I'm in heaven. And it's been nice spending time listening to Todd Thibaud, Peter Wolf, Dennis Brennan, Bruce Marshall, and Laurie Sargent and more. The selection is arbitrary in part, due to the gb limitation on the player. Sometimes I am singing along doing backstroke. I wonder if anyone hears me. I swim with an orange buoy, so that motor boats don't miss me. It works.

So, we have had some nice times here with visitors, and have meet some new folks along the way. We have some nice neighbors we met when we were here 3 years ago. They were nice enough to collect a package Claude had sent to the nearby marina. I suggested we swim over (across the small cove) to pick it up, one hot afternoon. So we did. I think we might the first people to ever swim to a neighbor's to pick up the mail. They also gave me some fresh pesto from their garden to swim back, which I used that night in the one pot chicken pesto pasta dish I was making. Later, the neighbors thanked us for "dripping" by.

After a hot spell, it's cooled off. We also had a spectacular storm to watch the other night. I convinced Claude we should head out in the kayak to take photos. We did.

We also have gotten more in the groove of heading to Shep's Boat Basin in Meredith to meet friends coming to visit, or to go shopping or run errands. So, that is really nice. are the photos...hope you enjoy. There are photos of sunrises, a storm, clouds, the spring where we fetch water, and more. All for now. We love hearing from you. Carla and Claude
(ps you can check the archives for recent posts from this year, or from last summer on Lake Champlain.)

Another Sunrise

Sunrise, Room with a View

Motoring to Shep's

Sunset Cruise


Trumpet Mushrooms I found in the Front Yard

I told my cousin one day that I had not seen any wild mushrooms around, and that it was too hot. The next morning I found these 4. Just 4. Perfect for garlic/mushroom eggs sunny/solar side up.

Clouds over Water, with the Mail Boat

Photo Shoot of the Houseboat on the Lake

I took a bunch of photos of the houseboat when we were out on 5 mile island and then en route back. Do you have a favorite? Please let me know.

Cloudy Sunrise, Motor, and Clearer Sunrise

Big Storm Photos

We looked at an incoming storm from the boat, and I took photos with my Canon. Then I suggested we go out in the kayak and see more of the storm and Claude agreed. Here are the results.

And now from the KAYAK

Do you have a favorite? Please let me know.

Duck, Water Lilies, Clouds

Dawn, and Room with View Series

Photographer and Sunshine in the Tiny House

Filling Water Bottles at the Spring

More Room with a View Dawn Series

The Mount Washington

The Regal Duck

Some One-Pot Meals (Recipes to Follow) - Chicken-pesto-pasta and Lima Bean Lentil Rice

More Water Lilies