Friday, July 15, 2016

Casual Fridays at Wake with the Sun, Inc, New Motor, and Towing Kayaks

Casual Fridays at Wake with the Sun Inc.

At Wake with the Sun, we have a business casual dress code, But on Fridays, management insists it would be good for morale if we hang a bit loose on the dress code.

Business Casual at Wake with the Sun

Casual Fridays at Wake with the Sun

New Motor

The internet is a wonderful thing. You can be on a solar-powered houseboat, and realize you want a new clamp for your tool benches, or you might just need to replace your electric outboard motor. When we started out from Gilford on June 25, we attached the electric Torqeedo motor as usual and started out for our adventure on Bear Island. Claude noticed a vibration that he knew was not right, so stopped several times to clean the propellor and skeg, thinking some gunk was causing the problem. Well, that turned out not to be the case. We took one more trip with the boat to Y-landing, and then to 5 mile island for a picnic, and on the way back, there were strong winds, so Claude used pretty high power on the motor to overcome the wind. The next day, after looking at the motor, he saw it had a bent shaft. He was thinking he was going to send it out for repairs, but then though that might take some time, so he ordered a new motor. In the meantime, he reconnected the motor and it no longer worked. It appeared the motor was comprised and the seal had allowed water to reach the electronics. So, we were in need of a new motor. while researching the motors online, Claude discovered there was a new version of the motor that had a shorter shaft, so would pull 5 inches less draft than the original motor, making it easier to avoid rocks. He thought about it, and decided to order the long shaft motor, he thought. As it turned out, he had ordered the shorter one, and we went to Y-landing to pick it up this week. The box is big, and heavy, and we were scratching our heads about how to get it into the double kayak to bring back to Bear, when Alec, who works at y-landing, was leaving in his boat, and offered to bring Claude and the Motor back to our cove, while I pedaled the double and towed the single kayak behind. When Claude installed the new motor the next day, which involved making a few changes to the cables and some bolts, we went for a ride out to 5 mile island and back and we were back in business. It feels good to have a motor again. We've had some visitors, and have been able to meet them at the dock with the boat, and take them for rides courtesy of the sun. Life is good on the lake.

Here are some recent photos, including a killer photo of an eagle perched on a rock at sunrise, some nice shots of clouds and contrails and reflections, and a rainbow over the houseboat.  Hope you enjoy.

Ducks in the Hood

On Anchor, Five Mile Island

Leaving Five Mile Island

Local Loon

Room with a View, Rainy Morning

Rainy Sunrise

Even on a Cloudy Day, Battery Charging

Claude's New Organization of the Tool Benches

Friends on the Boat at Night, Under Way

Claude, Twilight

Another Sunrise

Bald Eagle Looking at Breakfast, Sunrise

Sunrise, later that Morning

Our Favorite Lunch: Carrots, Hummus, Pickle, Apple

 This one doesn't require a recipe, but it's one of our favorite lunches.

Under Way

Next day sunrise

Bimini for Claude

For some relief from the sun. I used my sarong to make a bimini for Claude as he drove the boat.

Another Sunrise


Neighbor - Catfish and grasses

The Pedal Kayak in Action

Rainbow over the Tiny Houseboat, Reflected in the Water

It rained this evening, and the sun came out for a short bit between storms. 

Heron Roosting at Tree Top

There is a heron on top of the big pointy tree, second to right-most tree in the foreground.

Clouds, Contrails, Reflections

Lone Pedal Kayaker

Small Islands Nearby

Oak Branch and Clouds Reflected

Ducks Looking for Breaky, with Scare Owl on Float

A Walk to Church Cove

Side Trip to Boston

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  1. Hi Carla and Claude,
    Wonderful photos and descriptions of your excellent adventures. Much appreciated!