Thursday, June 13, 2019

Coming to "Midsummer"

The one time I visited Sweden during the month of June, many years ago, mid June up to the solstice was known as midsummer. That was when the days were very long, and nights were hardly dark.  I am guessing the term is used more widely in Europe for solstice as well. I like the term in any case, and wish you all a happy (early) solstice and summer.

We've had some rainy days and some crisp clear ones, like today, when I should be outside on the new pedal tandem kayak but for now, I am posting and writing this. Since my last post I have had a few poems accepted, and posted a couple of videos.

Tonight we went out to dinner with the boat. Claude was pumping out the kayak on the boat and tipped it into the water with him in it, so we had lots of laughs and a bit of work to pull out the boat and pump it out.

I have been back and forth a couple of times since my last posting. I have photos of my garden and flowers, as well as photos from a rocking celebration of the life of Asa Brebner. Here is a link to the video I made of the first memorial held for Asa Brebner in May. I did minimal editing - (no editing of speeches) but I did find some interesting images to accompany the moving ceremony at points in the video.

I also had the opportunity to attend a Peter Wolf performance in Natick, but was not able to take photos at that event. Peter Wolf and the Midnight travellers put on a great show and you should catch them if you have the chance.

Oh and our front yard Mallards have chicks now. I have photos coming up, and here is a link to a very short video.

Oh and we took another adventure on the tandem. Here are some photos of that too. A few include photos of the Kitty Belle, a paddlewheel boat on Lake Winnipesaukee, hauling a propane delivery vehicle.

That is about all for the moment. It's lovely here and we are working on the house and a bit on the tiny houseboat too.

Be well.


Mallard ducklings in the front yard

More photos of life on the lake

Oops! Trying to Pump it Out, Claude went in with the Kayak and almost sunk it...

Sunset, Out to Dinner, June 12

Strawberry Rhubarb Mango Pear Pie (no added sugar)

I started making summer pies again. This was the first. The rhubarb came from my garden. No added sugar. Check out my recipes tab and scroll to the apple pie and substitue any fruits you like.

Apple Pear Pie


We installed a new Marmoleum Floor upstairs.

Sunrise over Wake with the Sun

New Anchor/Night travel lights for the Wake with the Sun houseboat

Our Yard

Pollen in the Lake

Boating Life

Our new tandem

Here are a few photos of the new tandem, plus photos I took while we were out in it and on the paddle boards.

Our Second Tandem Outing

This morning we went out to an island that is further than we usually go with our boards. We went out against the wind and surfed back. 

Garden Photos...on the Dock and in MA

Our dock garden is popping up bit by bit. Tiny lettuces, cilantro, beans, peas, and more. Not sure what will make it but it's nice to try.

Huckleberries in the garden

Blueberries (we will have a total of 4) in 

Stones in the yard

An interesting fern at Walden Pond

Peonies about to bloom

Irises etc



Mtn Laurel

Was Amaryllis, now Lilies, same colors

More Garden, June 8

Dock Garden, June 10

More Garden Pictures from Late May

A Walk At Horn Pond

A Walk on Wellesley College Campus, Graduation Day

More Home Garden Photos



Amaryllis and Lily

Anna Rae and her matching guitars

I had the opportunity to see Anna Rae perform at the Home.stead Cafe in Dorchester while I was in town. She matched both her guitar and electric bass. She put on a nice performance. Also there was Natalie Shapero, putting on a kick-ass poetry reading. I unfortunately missed the opportunity to take her photo.

Asa Brebner Memorial Concert

On June 9, 2019, declared "Asa Brebner Day" in the city of Boston, we gathered to remember and celebrate his life at the Regent Theatre in Arlington. Tim Jackson, Steve Sadler, Kevin Shurtleff, Trick Wallace, Dennis Brennan, Duke Levine, Sean Staples, David Champagne, Laurie Sargent, Barrence Whitfield, Fred Griffeth, Emily Grogan, Linda Viens, Robin Lane, Andrea Gillis band, Chris Cote, Patsy Hamel, Suzanne Boucher, Jim Haggerty, Russ Gershon, Richie Parsons, Frank Rowe, Mister John Pfister, Larry Newman, and many more played and sang their hearts out in front of a slide show of photos and quotes.

Asa, smart, funny, full of spirit, lived life hard, and drank hard, and we were all sad he died so relatively young.