Monday, May 27, 2019

End of May Back on the Lake

I'm writing this from my "lake office". I am looking out at our cove, at our houseboat, kayak, and boards, as a Merganser is swimming by. It's Memorial day weekend, and there is quite a bit of boat traffic on the lake. We have had quite a few storm clouds this week and high winds that beat us down, but for the most part, we have been able to accomplish quite a bit, while still enjoying our times to rest, watch the water, and play (and eat good food).

We are both recovering from a nasty cold, but today we laid out more bags of stones to continue our stone trail out to the outdoor shower. It was quite a lot of work, and when we finished, we were happy to take a dip on the lake. Slowly but surely it's warming up (mid fifties) and we expect to start swimming for real soon. We are still taking the paddleboards out each morning that we can, and otherwise taking walks on the island.

I just won a Twitter poetry contest, which is a nice honor, and here is a link to my winning poem.
I wrote this in response to the #metoo movement.

We still have a pair of Mallards eating (and swimming) from the vernal pool of our front yard. Here is a link to a short video.

Today was very warm, and finally some of the vernal pools are receding. We had breakfast out on our front deck, overlooking the lake. My little garden is starting to sprout. Life is good.

I am still traveling back and forth from the island to MA, so I have some music photos to share with you, as well as some other events I attended and photos from trips I made. I went to the Old Frog Pond Farm for their Juried sculpture walk. I visited with my family on Long Island, and rode my bike up to the Throgs Neck bridge and back. I have photos of the baby robins under my deck and some flowers.

Enjoy. Happy Last bits of Spring before Summer.

This next photo is some kind of accident of colorations done by my camera on a cloudy morning. I like it.

Here are some recent photos from Wake with the Sun and East Meets West

Here you can see several photos of our boat at different times of day, in different weather, as well as our new stone paths we built, first to the house, and then all the way to the shower and back steps. We had the Mount Washington tour boat in our back yard (on the lake) and our front yard (on the lake) this weekend. And our Mallards were still around at the beginning of my stay.

The Elephant in the Room

Our "Back Yard" - walking the island

On a windy day we walked the island. We saw some wild waves and took a few photos.

Fraternal Twins

More Lake Photos

Siamese Trees (Joined at the hip and the neck)

Our Teensie Dock Garden

Mt. Washington Tour Boat

Our Yellow Brick Road

Going Out to Dinner - sunset Cruise

Night Photos

Wee Dawn Hours

More of our Stone Paths


A Few More Lake Photos

I took these next couple from my phone. The first is of the Mt. Washington Tour Boat behind the trees in our back yard (very hard to make out) and the second is on our boat when we went out to eat dinner last night. The rest of these I took during my earlier trip out here in early May, before the mountains started to green up. and Mt. Washington (the mountain) had more snow on it.

Spring Flowers Around My House

My dogwoods, and redbud in bloom, plus my peach tree, peonies (setting up) and ferns, red maple we moved 4 years ago, azalea, daffodils, strawberries, and more. 

Baby Robins

The robin family returns on an annual basis to nest under my deck. Here are three babies and a parent telling them to get their heads down.

A Trip to NY

While visiting with my family, I rode my bike from my father's house to just past the Throgs Neck Bridge.

 Old Frog Pond Farm Juried Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit

I had the opportunity to attend this outdoor exhibit. Here are some photos.

 Duke Levine and the Super Sweet Sounds of the 70s

I couldn't resist going to hear them again in May and introducing yet another friend to this fab combo.

Our Upright Bechstein circa 1877

Here are a few photos of our C. Bechstein piano from Germany, built circa 1877. It even has the mark of the original seller from Breslau. I am hoping to sell it to someone who can pick it up in the New York area. If you know anyone interested in such an antique upright piano, please let me know.

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