Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunshine and Gray Days, all lovely on the Lake

Well that first heat wave broke on July 6, and then we had another soon after that. Now we are having some gray weather, some cool, some wet. It's all good.

Here I have a few more photos I took at 3 Mile Island Camp, (AMC), while we were sailing, and also under water, where I found a stone sculpture.

I am also including many sizzling sunsets and sunrises, and some photos of meals I made or meals in restaurants. Then there is our new kitchen, and my kitchen garden on the dock. The "big house" is coming along. We finished the kitchen renovation and still have many more projects to work on, but that was a big one. Claude did most of the work, and it came out lovely.

My favorite photos are of a mom Merganser on the rock in our cove, along with her little one.

As always, enjoy, and let me know what you think.


PS I release three new videos this week.
The first is one of me speaking about my years as a graduate student at Princeton, and how that influenced my life. Some of you might find this interesting. It's about 10 minutes long.

The next two are two instant pot cooking videos. I will add these to my recipes tab at some point as well.
Chicken and Rice Noodle Stew in an Instant Pot

Black Beans and Rice in and Instant Pot:

Here is my favorite picture of the bunch: It's not the clearest photo. Mom Merganser has carried her babe down the rock and then left it there to slide into the water by itself. Babe hangs on for dear life. Later I saw the mom swimming off and the babe frantically racing to catch up to her while she was around the corner from the babe. I just caught them on the rock from a distance. I start here out of sequence, with mom and babe,  and then include the rest.

Merganser Mom and Babe

This one has mom, having taken her babe "under her wing" she is leaving the babe at a lower spot on the rock to learn to fish and slip in.

Man at Work

Claude using his favorite new tool: a plunge cutter, preparing the house underside for the insertion of the new beams.

More Sunrises and Sunsets

A Room with a View - Sunrise from within the Wake with the Sun, and outside 

Sunset, dinner salad and view from inside the boat

Dock Garden

Around the Front Yard 

New Ikea Kitchen/Kitchen Renovation!

We tore out the old brown cabinets and painted over the wallpaper and now have a bright and usable kitchen. 

Photos from Three-Mile Island AMC Camp

We stayed at the AMC's Three-Mile Island Camp a few weeks ago. I missed posting these photos I took with the underwater camera. The first two are parts of an underwater stone sculpture. Then a photo from our sailing excursion, and one of the cabin we stayed in.

A Dinner with friends in Center Harbor at Osteria Poggio

We had the lovely chance to visit with friends yesterday and they graciously invited us out on their anniversary date. We discovered a relatively newly opened italian restaurant, Osteria Poggio (formerly Lavinia's) in Center Harbor. This is how they preparied the dairy free and gluten free halebot. 

After dinner, resting, reading

Sunrise from inside the Big House, and from the Deck