Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hot, July 4!

So here it is our "independence day" and of course we can celebrate the diversity and innovation of this nation, but there is of course lots not to celebrate, include fossil fuel dependence.. now that would be an interesting celebration if we all went fossil-fuel free for the day (to begin with).

I'm back on the lake after a brief break, and it's very hot. You might think this is "global warming" and maybe it is, but I remember the first time we put the boat in the water at Fay's Boat yard, July 5, 2013, 5 years ago, and it was 95 degrees at 9 am and very humid. I don't remember this kind of heat this early in summer since, but I haven't thought much about it either.

I was away for two days and the cove has heated up. It's like bathwater. Before that, we spent a week as campers at AMC's Three Mile Island Camp. To start the week, we had cold and rain, and then it warmed up just as we left and the heat wave came on. The camp is a great "family" camp... 3 meals a day, very good food, and swimming, and boating and other activities and we met some nice people too. But we were also happy to return to our place and to our own food.

And, Claude is working hard on getting the kitchen done in the big house. I will have photos once it's done. Soon!

But for today, here are a few pics since my last post. Enjoy.

As always it's nice to hear from you.



Three Mile Island, Lake Winnipesaukee, Wake with the Sun on Mooring, Dawn

Three Mile Island

I took all of these photos when we were on Three Mile Island, or making an outing from there. 
These first two photos are of the Mount Washington Boat as it came by while we were on the mooring at Three Mile.

Sunset Cruise

 Three Mile Island House Tour

We have tours of our house and cleaned up for the tour. 

Main Dock, Three Mile Island from our Mooring

Dawn Photos

Our Cabin on Three Mile Island

These photos include our dock, and our front porch, where we read during sunset.

Another sunset Cruise


Our Mooring, Twisted rope

After Three Mile, another Sunset Cruise



As we returned from a sunset cruise, two loons were in our cove. These are photos of both loons, one at a time.

Kitchen Garden on the Dock

We have lettuce, garlic, kale, arugula, beans and more coming up in our dock garden pot. 

Back "Yard"

A July 4 photo of the back 'yard' on a hot day.

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