Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year, We Hope

Well, 2019 has been chock full of much going on. Some sad and some happy. We settled back into our Massachusetts life, and enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends and family.

And although we have been officially in Winter for just over a week, we have seen deep, skiable snow, skateable ice, and plenty of warm weather as well.

My last outdoor swim of 2019 took place on November 15, when the water temperate was about 48 degrees, and I was still able to keep my head in part of the time, and swam for 40 minutes.

Since my last post I have attended some cool music events, and have had a few poems appear in publications, and have enjoyed some lovely hikes, bike rides, nordic skiing, and outdoor ice skating. I also had the chance to visit the ICA in Boston to view their migration installation called "When Home Won't Let You Stay."

Here are some of those photos.

Warm wishes for a happy new year.

I took this photo while skiing on the aqueduct about 2 blocks from my house. Pretty cool.

Lake Skating in December in Littleton, MA

Here are a few pictures of us skating in December with family and friends.

December Skiing

Walking With Friends

I took two walks with friends recently. One in the Arnold Arboretum, and the other in Estabrook Woods. Both were lovely.

Out to Hear Music

I took the opportunity to see Duke Levine and the Super Sweet Sounds of the 70s at the Burren one very snowy December night  and also to seethe Dennis Brennan Band at the Lizard Lounge in December (with Abbie Barrett performing in the interval) later in December. 

Here are some photos.

Paper Whites for Winter

Friends gave us these lovely paper white narcissus for winter and here they are half way to blooming.

A Visit to the Migration Exhibit at the ICA

I had the opportunity to visit the ICA and attend a poetry workshop there. The workshop centered itself around the Migration exhibit. Here are a few photos of the exhibit.

Post Thanksgiving Breakfast

Rice and beans with turkey and goat yogurt, sprinkled with cilantro.

Random November and October Photos

Strange Sunset after a Storm

A Hike through Walden Pond in October

Tarana Burke at Tufts

Junko Ogawa in Westford

Tearing up the Roads in my neighborhood


HCAM TV November Wake Up and Smell the Poetry

These two young girls, sisters from Acton, MA make a great duo of singer-songwriter performers. Trisha Iyer and  Thara Iyer-- look out for them. You can hear this performance on youtube here: - By the way, you can also hear me read during the open mike as well here:

 Aj Addae

Maya Phillips

Catharine David

If you haven't had a chance to hear Boston-area singer Catharine David sing, you are missing a great talent. 

November 21, Pea Plant Hanging in my garden