Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Book Coming Out, New Bolt, A Park and Pedal Trip to Boston, and More

Oh. So much news, where to start. Well, the big news is my new book of poetry is coming out with Finishing Line Press this fall, and I could use some help with pre-orders of the book to bring it to print with the publisher. If you can at all help, here is a link where you can pre-order the book, and it will be sent out to you in September or early fall.

Here is the draft of the book cover, (the photograph, taken by me, and the photo caption is Wake with the Sun at Valcour Island). Several poems in the book are inspired by living in the solar-powered houseboat on lakes in summer.

Here is what Fred Marchant says about the book.

Living on a solar-powered houseboat as it moves up and down Lake Champlain is bound to make one intimate with the wind — its vagaries, energies, and comforts alike. But in Carla Schwartz's new collection of poems, there are also the winds that pass over and through the inner landscapes. There are, for instance, the winds that bring us together in love, and the winds that draw us apart in grief. Also, there is the chill wind of the harm that some may do to others, and there are the winds of determined resilience, the kind that carry the survivor to the shore. These finely crafted poems give us this poet's vivid sense of being in the world, as if we are with her breathing in what life has to offer, a good wind overhead, like a blessing.

- Fred Marchant, author of Said Not Said (Graywolf Press, 2017).

* * *

My next big news is my purchase of a new Chevy Bolt, a pure electric vehicle with 238 miles of rated range. I will be driving this to New York in two weeks so that will be my first distance test. I am very, very scared, but excited. Because of the beautiful color (Arctic Blue), I named her Arti. So, meet Arti.
Very spacious and peppy. Also modern in comparison with my previous car, the 99 Honda Accord, which is for sale. We also installed a charging station for the car, and here is a link to one of the videos about that process:. The other two videos in this series are linked to this one. The first video shows the unboxing of the charging station. The second video shows the circuit breaker electrical work.

Ok, and here are some more photos since my last posting. These include a bike trip through Boston, a poetry reading at Boston City Hall, Spring flowering, heat wave water sports, and a music concert. As always, it's lovely to hear from you. 

My Park and Pedal Trip to Boston

My poem, Gum Surgery, was selected by Danielle, Legros Georges, the Boston Poet Laureate to be mounted at Boston City Hall for the 2017-2018 Mayor's Poetry Program. There was a ceremony in late April and here I am just before I read the poem. In these photos, you can see the Park and Pedal signs, where I drove to the Charles River on the Newton/Brighton line and started riding to Boston City Hall along the Charles River bike path. Very pleasant way to travel. When I got to city hall, the security guards, kept my folding bike safe for me for the ceremony, where all the selected poets who could attend were celebrated and read their work. Here is a link to a video where I read the poem:

This next photo tells where all the poems are mounted in City Hall. My poem is in the North Elevator section, on the 6th Floor.

Danielle Legros Georges...very cool poet

More Poets

My Poem

Electric Cars are everywhere! Here they are charging at meters in Boston.


After my ride, I decided to stop at the Charles River near the Marriott in Newton, and did some paddling after photographing this swan.

Electric Car Charging in Maynard

And old moped at the Serendipity Cafe in Maynard.

Spring Blooming

Heat Wave in Sharon MA

I had the opportunity to be interviewed on For the Love of Words, a program out of N. Easton Community Access TV last week. It was during the heat wave, so I stopped in Sharon for a swim at Massapoag Pond. When the kids got let of out high school, they all flocked to the pond and went swimming and sailing. How nice it must be to have a pond to swim in so close to school. 

At Long Lake, Littleton

Enter the Haggis

Also, I had the chance to see Enter the Haggis perform. Very lively show.