Monday, October 23, 2017

Mantis, Garden in the Woods, Kale, Music, Bolts Sprouting, and More

Well, we're in the deep of autumn, and I'm still swimming in Walden Pond (today, 23 October, so far, so good, and not too cold). I've had a number of luscious swims with warm air temperatures, and the sun shining on my face and the water's surface. I am hoping to keep going, as I have yet to be cold. But the weather is turning this week, so we'll see if I can get back in the pond once the rain stops.

Since I've been visiting Walden pond, I have a number of photos I have taken there. I also have some photos taken in my own garden (my raspberries, the first photo I will include here, a praying mantis on my raspberry plant), and at Garden in the Woods, where the New England Wildflower society has its headquarters. I went to the Garden in the Woods to meet with the program coordinator there, both to tour the woods, and to discuss potentially having a poetry reading there in the spring. If all goes well, I will read there during their Trillium Week celebration in may.

Speaking of poetry readings, thank you again to all who have preordered my new book of poetry, Intimacy with the Wind, from Finishing Line Press. If you haven't yet ordered it, you can now buy it on Amazon if you like here: And I have some readings coming up soon in the Boston Area, and one in NYC. I am planning book launches in Lexington MA on Nov 30, and Somerville, MA on Dec 7. You can check out all of my upcoming readings here:

I also have photos of the giant Kale my cousin grew, and some of the music I attended recently (Dennis Brennan band, and Sam Bush).

I hope you enjoy these photos.

Happy Autumn.
The following is my favorite photo of the bunch. I love the luscious red raspberry peeking out under the "nose" of the praying mantis.

Intimacy with the Wind... it's here!

Walden Pond

These photos are taken on two separate dates in October, October 12 and 23. Both were nice days of waning warmth. I like to take photos of the people and the light. I especially find people walking around in their bathing suit, talking on their cell phone a bit incongruous. 

Garden in the Woods

A Brief Trip to Cape Cod

I took a short trip on October 2 to Cape Cod, down and back the same day. I spent part of it on the bike path, and found the beautiful light on the cranberry bog as I was heading back to my car.

Cambridge, MA

On October 9, I had the opportunity to go into Cambridge to do a photoshoot with Mark Ostow. It was a wonderful experience. Afterward, I walked around in the rain, and captured these photos.

Dennis Brennan... One of My Favorite Bands

Sam Bush

Bags in Brookline

I saw this gentleman walking toward the library with all these bags. A little later, in the library, I saw the bags all lined up.

Bolts Sprouting Up Everywhere

While at Walden pond, often there are more than one Chevy Bolt charging. One time there were three. Today, there was a red one just like mine, with the same bike rack.

King Kale

My cousin's yummy giant kale leaves.