Thursday, April 14, 2022

Spring! Ice Out!

 It's hard to believe it's been since January since I last posted to the blog. Living has been pretty steady for us, getting the most out of winter and now spring. When it snowed, I took advantage and skied the local woods. When the lakes froze, we skated and rode our bikes on a lake. When there was no snow or ice, we walked the woods, often with our spiked shoes so we could stay steady on our feet. We also rented a camper van in early March and made a trip to NY.

Now it's Ice Out and we have returned to our island home on Bear Island. We haven't opened up completely but we are close. When I arrived at the lake the cove was full of a slushy ice at the end of it. I was a little scared to take my propeller-driven pedal kayak into it, but I made it ok, going slowly.

Also, I have a new book of poems coming out and if you preorder by April 15, 2022 you can help determine the press run of the chapbook of poems. The collection is called "Signs of Marriage" and here is a link to preorder the book.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. Happy Spring!

I took this photo in Early March at the Old Frog Pond Farm in Harvard, MA.

A Walk in Weston

Here are some photos from a walk on the Malone Property in Weston. I thought the coolest part was the stone (and brick) arched bridge. The first photo is of the old Weston train station on the Mass Central Rail Trail near the trails on the Malone property in Weston.

More photos from the Old Frog Pond Farm visit in March

One of my favorites is the skunk cabbage blooming in the barely thawed vernal pool in heart-shaped ice.

Our first trip Back to Bear Island after Ice Out

It rained a whole lot on Saturday April 11, and afterward, there was a very thick, but fleeting rainbow. Here is all I captured.

Evolution of two of my Bloomed Amaryllises 

A trip to New York

We rented a camper van in early march and took a trip to New York. We took the ferry over to LI from New Haven to Orient Point, camped in Bethpage, found a nice bike path through a wetland nearby, and then stopped in Poughkeepsie to visit and tour Hyde Park, finally taking a bike ride on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail in NY, which was lovely.

My Annual Nordic Ski Weekend at Craftsbury VT

I led my last group trip to Craftsbury this year. It was a small group and conditions were challenging but we did get some nice snow for skiing. This trip took place the last weekend of February and as I drove home I had to drive through some of the worst snow squalls I had every experienced. Here are some photos of my car charging in Lebanon NH at the Electrify America station. 

Random Ice and Snow Pictures on Walden Pond

Random Skiing and Hiking Pictures

Forced Forsythia

Famous tackler of Bramble Dressed for Work


Do you Recognize this Man?

I think this is a young Roger Penrose but am unsure.

Clivia in Bloom

More Random Walk Photos

This is from a walk to the post office in Carlisle. Here we go the round about way.

Wachusett Reservoir Dam