Saturday, November 5, 2022

Height of Fall, Leaving the Island

 I've been dreading the time we had to pack up the house and put it to bed for the Winter, but that is just what we did this past week. The lake has been beautiful, with few folks left on the island, and very few boats out on the lake. We swam almost every day up until our last day on the island, Wed Nov 2. There are always new surprises closing up the house, like discovering the special valves on the outside of our house plumbing are set up to push the air back out through the opening so we were unable to purge the system with the compressor until we removed the valve and plugged up the hole with duct tape. But we made loaded up the Solectric and made it to the marina and here we are back in the Boston Area.

We have already settled in to seeing friends we've missed, attending open mics, and enjoying the summer-like weather we are having here in November. We are still swimming in Walden Pond and heading out for bike rides and hikes.

Here are some of our photos from our recent adventures. Toward the end of our time on the island I took regular photos of our dock in the morning. We had misty days, foggy days, and beautiful sunny ones.

Also, if you are interested in hearing me read poems from "Signs of Marriage" along with Wendy Drexler reading her gorgeous poems on Thursday Nov 10, 7 PM Eastern Time, here is a link to sign up for a zoom link for the event.

This virtual (Zoom) reading sponsored by the Marino Art Center in S. Boston. There is an open mic prior to our readings. 

As always it's lovely to hear from you. 


Fall in All its Loveliness

In the fall the light before sunset is magic. Here are some photos plus ones of our hikes and around our homes. 


Bike Ride In the Hills of Meredith Near New Hampton

Holderness Halloween

Halloween Hike

Walden Pond

Our Back "Yard"

Dock Dragonfly


Downtown Meredith

More Fall Pix

Town of Meredith from across Meredith Bay

Riding Meredith

Meredith Town Docks Off-Season

Backyard sunset

More Lake Life

UFOs in NH

Mount Pemi Hike

Praying Mantis Carlisle

More Lake

Pemi River


Walden Pond

Dock Garden and More Fall Pix

Hike to Bald Knob near Castle in the Clouds


Fresh pumpkin soup

More sunset from the "backyard" 


Motoring on the Lake

Our Motor Home for the Night

We had to attend a wedding in town so we motored toward our marina and set anchor for a safe night's sleep.

Cycling Sandwich 

Sandwich Fair


Back on the Lake

Claude hard at work

Fall From the Shower's Perspective

More Lake and Land
Old Frog Pond Farm Revisited

Great Brook Farm, Carlisle

CD Collins, Carla Schwartz, Wendy Drexler

More Lake and Land

Lobster Mushrooms, Bear Island

More Lake and Land

New Construction Celebration Bear Island

More Lake and Land

Dear Friend in Cambridge

Page Pond Area Meredith

Vaccine Twins


Boat Tour, Winnipesaukee Spirit

Our dawn

More Lake and Land

Chris Smither

How they Do Things Around Here

3D Printing at the Meredith Public Library

I had a 25 year old food processor with one broken part. I had long since thrown the part away but we were able to make a model from all the other connecting parts and brought the model to the local library where they printed it for us and we can now use the slicing and grating attachment to the food processor again.