Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summer on the Lake

We have had lots of rain of late, and heat, and some refreshing winds. We have had a series of guests in the house, which has given us an opportunity to share our life up here on the lake with some of our friends. Today is especially beautiful. The wind is up, the air is dry. A few more storms are forecast, and then we look forward to a string of nice weather next week.

Our news is that Claude has finished installing new support beams in the back of the house, so he has been able to remove some of the jacking.  Also, I have been baking some of my famous fruit pies. The first pie included peaches, a gift from our dear guests. The next pie included homegrown apricots from another of our dear guests. Both pies went over very well.

Oh, and we ran into a "pirate" ship on the lake. This was a guy with some kids who camped out in their boat wherever they could find a spot where they wouldn't be hassled.

So, the photos are few but, I hope, choice this week. As always, it's lovely to hear from you.


I had a tossup between this sunrise photo and the photo of the laundry in the wind as my first photo for today's blog.

Here is a lovely sunrise after a hot day

More Sunrises and Sunsets

Wind in the Laundry

It was a dry day. And windy. Great for putting the laundry out to dry. 

Food: Funny Tomato (c/o a guest) and Apricot Strawberry Blueberry Rhubarb Pie Pie 

(no added sugar or wheat or dairy)

Dinner on the Boat

Guest Pedaling

Good-bye Tour

Our guests needed to leave early in the morning and we took these on their good-bye tour.

The Right-Hand Rule

More Visitors with Food. Rain Hats, and Birds

Local Mushrooms

Sunset Cruise, After our House Emptied

It was a whirlwind of guests after guests...when all was said and done we went out for a dinner cruise

Pirate Ship: Sailing Home

This boat with one grown man and 4 or 5 boys was camping on the lake. They claimed to be "pirates." The boat was called "Sailing Home."