Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy Equinox, happy spring, and to our health

 It's been too long since I last posted to this blog. A whole season as passed us by. This has included lots of cross-country skiing, two overnight trips to Lake Winnipesaukee via ski, lots of cycling, and even cycling on a lake in Littleton, MA with spiked tires. And we've taken some nice hikes too, and a trip to the Berkshires. Now spring has come and today I had my first swim of 2021 in Walden pond. 

I hope this finds you well and preparing your victory gardens, and hopefully en route to your vaccines, if you haven't already received them. 

This week Claude took less than 4 days to haul down 16 of our 10 year old 3.8 kW (originally) solar panels and mount up new rails and mount up 16 new panels for a 6.8 KW system. You can see the pictures. It's pretty amazing, with the help of a crane rented from O'Connor's Hardware in Billerica.

For my last blog post I mentioned I was taking part in a Princeton University Arts alumni variety show. Here is the video of my performance on my youtube channel.

I won't say much more now. I am hopeful. I am including some photos here and won't say much more. 

As always, it's lovely to hear from you. 


I took this photograph on the Charles river in Watertown. Lovely place to walk and watch bird life.

More Photos from my walk on the Charles

The side brook is called "Laundry Brook" in Watertown.

A Walk from Walden to Lincoln and back

Biking Long Pond in Littleton, Mar 6, 2021

Clivia first Blooms

First Steps

Skiing in Westford

Lake Winnipesaukee 

Winter Walking

Back to Lake Winnipesaukee

Clivia in Bloom

Skiing the local trails in Carlisle

Solar Thinking

Winter Hikes

Our Trip to the Berkshires

The moon through the skylight below

Ice bubbles, below

Adams, MA

Heading Home

Major Solar Project

Claude swapped out our old solar panels for larger, more efficient new ones with the help of a rented crane, and a good friend.

Bringing the old panels off the roof

All the panels are off

New Panels coming up

Almost done

Job well-done

All the old panels

Paddling the Concord River, First week of March, 2021

Forced Forsythia 2021

Indoor Garden - butternut squash, hot pepper, bokchoy, lettuce, green onion, cilantro, oregano

Clivia in full bloom

Long Lake Littleton after the bike ride