Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hints of Autumn

So, the fall is making itself known to us in small ways here at East Meets West on Lake Winnipesaukee. The air is crisp, the water is cooling down (65 degrees at the moment), the leaves are starting to turn, and the winds are picking up. Piles of pine needles came down today with the big winds we had. Acorns are dropping all the time.

We had a nice dinner party out on the lake one evening. It was so nice, the wind so calm, the air so comfortable, we decided to eat out on the deck for the first time all season. It was lovely. At dinner's end "the Mount," (The Mount Washington Tour boat) came by and saluted us with a toot. It was all very lovely.

I have also had a couple of ekphrastic poetry readings ...poetry/sculpture walks and have some photos of the one that took place Sept 15 at the Old Frog Pond Farm, where the poems and sculptures were stellar.

I also went out to hear some live music, including a show by David Wilcox, who, is a very polished folksinger/songwriter. He has a real act going, but appears sincere, and is very entertaining. Many in the audience were moved to tears as he sang songs of people who were injured or killed or died one way or another. I enjoyed his performance, and was even going to buy a cd until I decided I didn't really want to. But I do recommend his live show. I also saw the all female Led Zeppelin cover band, Lez Zeppelin. They needed some time to warm up, but finished up with a really great show.

Oh, and I have a new recipe on the recipes tab: Chicken a la Queen with lemon and Rhubarb.

And I have a couple of new videos out. Here are links to my two what's new for Wake with the Sun in 2019 videos. I have yet to put them on the videos tab. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT5CgtenFiw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_y3xsSq7p8

Another day on the Lake

These first few photos are sunsets from our "back yard" (behind our hoouse) in East Meets West in Bear Island.

Buzzed by the Mount

While dining out on our boat with friends, "The Mount" came close by and "buzzed" us hello.

Out to Dinner with Friends

We had a perfect evening for a dinner out on the boat, and we took our table outside and ate out as the sun came down. I made another blueberry raspberry pie, and during dinner, other friends stopped by to deliver a piece of mail. What a life. 

More Boating and Visits with Friends

We had visits by loon friends and friendly loons. We had rains, wind, sun, and clouds. We toured Bear Island by pedal kayak. We swim and paddleboard, even on windy days.

Swimming on a Windy Day

East Meets West Projects

Claude demolished a closet and created a room for our composting toilet upstairs. He also installed a new double window on the side of our house. 

New Windows!

Fruits of our Labors

These include the peaches I grew in framingham and the raspberries I grew there too. and my new dish, Chicken a la Queen.see the recipes tab for a recipe.  And my famous curried savory oatmeal, for which I have not written up the recipe yet. Chick of the woods from Framingham too.





The backyard at East Meets West

More Carrots

One Smiley bean

Jarful of Raspberries

Riding on the Charles

Here are a few photos I took cycling along the Charles, on my way back from the Mass Book Awards. I came across a youth rowing "camp" and as you can see, the boys do the simulation and the girls get the real thing. 

Old Frog Pond Farm Poetry/Sculpture Walk

Here are some lovely photos from a day of poetry and sculpture in Harvard, MA. You can purchase the book for this event through the farm. You can contact them here: http://oldfrogpondfarm.com/contact

Lez Zeppelin in Natick MA

These women do only Led Zeppelin covers. They took their time warming up, but in the end, put on a great show. 

David Wilcox in Somerville

Mass Book Awards

Here are some photos from the Mass Book Awards (for the years 2016, 2017, and 2018) at the State House this year. This is a political literary event. Here are some photos of politicians and authors, including Jill Lepore, Celeste Ng, and Allegra Goodman.

Art on the Trails, Beals Preserve

Here are some (phone) photos of the poetry/sculpture walk I took part in at the Beals Preserve in Southborough. The book for this event is called "Art on the Trails, Marking Territory, by Route 7 Press. I had 4 poems in this event/book and will post these on @cb99videos instagram and twitter soon.