Saturday, May 30, 2020

May, on the Lake

We are now close to 10 weeks in to our time of quarantine and isolation, and wearing masks and staying safe, and we are so lucky to be living through this time on our island in the lake. We are doing lots of boating and swimming, and so much enjoying our life here. It's not all peaches and cream, and we miss our friends, but we are doing what we can to stay connected, and still keeping our health and those of our families. Now that things are beginning to open up to some degree, I am somewhat nervous about the newer dangers that will introduce.

We started May with snow storms, and now we are in the thick of humid heat.

Claude has been spending lots of time moving rocks around our yard. It's not futile. For him, there is the challenge of figuring out how to move these some 200 lb, 600 lb, and 1000 lb rocks around. He uses straps, a come-along portable winch, and the wheelbarrow. We now have a kind of smiley face in our front yard, a face of stones.

Claude has also been doing lots of projects, including replacing our aluminum awning frame for the boat with a stainless steel one, and replacing our mirage drive in the Hobie kayak with a "turbo" drive, which is 2 inches longer.

While back in the Boston area, I visited the Old Frog Pond farm in Harvard, MA, where I had the opportunity to photograph a Baltimore Oriole.

Here are some of the photos I have taken this month. I hope you enjoy.

As always, we love hearing from you.

I took this photo at dawn.

Mornings in May 

Here are some of my morning photos taken this May 2020. Some of these include the snow we had on May 8.


Here are some of the sunsets dinner cruise photos I took.

This is our new awning frame that Claude put together from stainless steel parts.

A Duck's Life

Found this Single Mallard on my Board. he had an old Injury.

This couple crosses the island from East to West through our yard.

 Blueberry Flowers in May

Moth on the Window Screen

Smiley Face of Stones

Cold Weather Motoring

Pine Sprouts on our Walkway

Pedal Kayak Outings

Among these photos include my arriving on early May day with two week's worth of groceries and my luggage all packed onto my kayak.

More Snowy May Pictures

Here are a few more snow day pictures from the front and back of the house.

Stormy Snow Back Yard

Back to the Front Yard

Beech Sprout

Claude has been on a mission to preserve our beech trees in the yard from the jaws of the local deer. Here is what a beech sprout looks like.

Snake in the yard

Canada Geese and Goslings

I have not seen Canada geese in our cove before, or don't remember them, and hope this is not the start of something new - (#notmyfavoritebird).

Moving Rocks

Here are a few photos of Claude's rock project.

Old Frog Pond Farm, Harvard, MA

I made a trip to Old Frog Pond Farm in May, and here is what I found. There were lots of flowering trees. And, while I was about to leave I spotted a Baltimore Oriole in an apple tree at the orchard.

Finally, Even Archie, the comic book star, wears a mask in Meredith, NH