Saturday, May 2, 2020

Finding the Beauty

So it's the first of May, and we have been quarantining for 7 weeks or so now, and we are settling in to the new nothing but normal. Shopping is always tricky - the lines, the masks, and keeping distance in a crowded space.  But still, we can get outside, join friends for zoom dinners, and and have one big topic of conversation that is pretty much universal.

I have released two new videos - one is a cooking video (Chicken a la Queen La La)  and one is a video about an energy and water purification tour at the Caribbean resort, Cooper Island Beach Club You can find the recipe for the instant pot dish on my recipes tab of this blog.

Here are links to those.

I also had a poem accepted to the 2020 Mayor of Boston's poetry program. They put the reading online, but somehow the resulting video is somewhat unintelligible.

And, best of all, we are back on Lake Winnipesaukee. Here is our boat, and some of the beautiful light on it.

I hope this finds you all staying safe and healthy, as well as your family and loved ones.

Mount Washington Still under Snow April 29

Our Trip Up the Lake April 29

Leaving Fay's Boatyard April 29

We arrived one Saturday, April 25, for an overnight

We put the dock down, filled in the planking, went on our paddle boards, and started the opening of the house. 

Social Distancing

Here are some photos of social distancing early on, and then as it progressed at Trader Joe's. Plus some zoom dinner photos. The first photos were taken very early in social distancing. A group of drummers was out to play on the Charles. At the store, it starts with no masks and then it goes from there. I also have a photo of two homemade masks I made for us.

Living With an Amaryllis

I saw my amaryllis was starting to bloom. This one is about 3 1/2 years old. My dear aunt who passed away last summer had giving it to me as a Thanksgiving gift. It was lovely to live with its blooming this year.

A Walk Through Great Meadows NWR in Concord, MA

Muscrats, ducks, and the roiling of the carp. What a lovely place to walk one sunny Monday.

There's some Carp in there!

Wild Turkeys in the Yard

Since the pandemic, there have been lots of wild turkeys in our yard. This day there was a lone preener.

A Bike Ride after a March Snow

We took a ride starting in the town of Mason, NH, just north of Townsend MA. It was March 25, and there was quite a bit of snow on the ground.

Claude's Trip with High School Buddies to West Texas

This trip took place last February, just prior to social distancing being established here. They were lucky to have planned the trip then and to have escaped the disease. These four were all on the same high school track team.

Scenic Rail Construction Train Crossing the Railroad in Laconia NH

Our New Waist-High Garden 

We have lots growing in there. I hope it thrives.

Zoom Poetry Reading

The voice recognition software was poor and the sound was awful. However, all of these faces were chosen as part of the Mayor of Boston Poetry Program for 2020. 

Small (Claude's) Family Gathering on Zoom


  1. Thanks, Carla. Fun to see the natural world still living normally - without face masks!

    1. Thank you. Yes, it's a strange world. At least here on the island we don't have to wear masks as long as we are around the house or on the water.