Monday, March 27, 2017

Tree Positions

In yoga, the tree pose involves some variation of standing on one leg, while the other is folded and branched into the other leg. In this early spring series, I have been looking at trees, and most of the photos in this blog post are tree positions, as I see them every which way, not always "standing." I hope you enjoy these photos, as well as some nice late spring snow photos, and more. As always, peace, and happy spring.

Tree Positions

The first few in the series are from Walden Pond and from the Fells

The next few are from the Sudbury Memorial Forest.

A friend mentioned this forest to me. I had never been, and thought maybe I could still find some skiable snow there right after spring. Well, it wasn't quite skiable, but I walked almost all the trails for 3 1/2 hours. It was lovely. 

Upton State Forest, March 18

The forest in upton is supposedly closed to motorized vehicles, but in winter, they allow snowmobilers to pack the trails. So, there was some decent skiing a few days after the storm.

A Walk in the (Estabrook) Woods

 Every Sunday we like to bike or ski or walk from Carlisle to Concord for breakfast when we are in town. We walked on a frigid Sunday before the snowstorm.

Craftsbury Vermont

I had the opportunity to ski Craftsbury Vermont the first weekend in March. There were not many trails opened, but there was good skiing to be had.

Bethel Maine

 We had an opportunity to do some nordic skiing in Bethel Maine, the first week of March.

These pictures were taken en route to Bethel Maine: Ominous clouds, logging truck, and the large model of an old telephone in the last town in the US to give it up. 

The following is a sculpture commemorating the last use of the crank telephone in 1983 in the small town of Bryant Pond, Maine.


On the way back, we charged next to this uniquely pink Model X, with Alaska Plates and a HAM radio antenna. Here is a link for more details.

Walden Pond

Over the winter I had some opportunities to stop by Walden Pond and check out the pond, the ice, and the lack of water (the big beaches). Here are some photos. 

Dangerous Ice!

The Fells

Back Yard Photos 

These windswept plains are in my back yard.

My Labors

These piles of sawed limbs are the fruits of my efforts from about mid-february to mid March, sawing, clipping, dragging, and some tying. One of my neighbors had complained to the town about some limbs on my property, and I set out to tame them, and originally, tie them into bundles. I worked every day I was home until just before the last big snow. Since there was so much wood, it seemed like the best solution was to burn. Here are some photos of the piles of limbs I cut and trimmed after the threat from the town.

My Burning

 After weeks of labor of cutting limbs, we decided to have a burn. Six hours of watching, feeding, and burning, I guess some of these photos are similar. Maybe that lends the impression of watching a fire burn down for six hours.

This is the fire after the firemen came and broke it in half. It all ended up burning down.

 Flowers Blooming Indoors in February

My indoor garden is flourishing with flowers, and pea shoots, fennel and more.

Framingham History Center

Here are a few photos I took when I visited the Framingham History Center for a historic dress exhibit they had. The building had once been a library for the town.

A few Photos of Griffin House at the Natick Center for the Arts

 I had an opportunity to see this Nashville-based performer in Natick. The audience loved him.