Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Snow Skiing, Dipping and Swimming, and Science

Well, it's coming on late April and Spring is finally here in the northeast. I am late in getting myself into the ponds, although I did take a dip in late March, and a few in early April. Early April also brought a couple of snow storms, and I was able to get a bit of cross-country skiing in up to April 5.

The following week we jetted off with friends to the British Virgin Islands, and I have some nice photos of our sailing and snorkeling there. While there, we spent most of our nights at Cooper Island, where they have a Beach Club resort that is almost off-the-grid, and we took a tour of their solar, water treatment, and waste treatment operations, and had a glimpse of their microbrewery.

This past weekend we attended a Worcester March for Science. The local congressman, Jim McGovern spoke as well as others. It was not as big as Boston or DC, but it was well-attended.

Also, I had the opportunity to hear poet Marie Howe read at the Robert Creeley Poetry awards,

You will also see here some photos of meals, my trip to NYC to read a poem at a journal launch, and friends.

Happy Spring .... and happy trails


April 1 Turkey Tracks

One of my famous breakfasts: eggs sunny side up on lettuce with pickles and strawberries

XC skiing April 5

XC skiing March 30

April 1 Walk on the Aqueduct

We had a snowstorm on April 1, and headed out on the nearby aqueduct to take a walk. We saw wild turkey (and tracks) and an old tent out by a reservoir.

NYC at Night

I had the chance to read my poem, Asparagus, at the journal launch for The Mom Egg, Volume 15, in NYC on April 2. I took my Brompton bike onto the LIRR and road around the city beforehand. These are my photos of the night time, just before I hopped on the LIRR back to my car.

Here are some photos of the Launch Event and my Ride on the West End bike trail

The lighting was awful, but there is a photo of me and my book, Mother, One More Thing, at Le Poisson Rouge, as well as a photos of my sister and me. These photos were taken by Zara Raab and Wendy Boudin.

A Bike Ride Around Great Neck

Here are some photos of the shoreline around Great Neck... East Shore Road and Steppingstone Park.

Concord River in Flood

Most Sundays, we either ride or walk from Concord to Carlisle for Breakfast. While there was flooding in late March, we walked, and here are some photos of the Concord River.

Trails End Cafe Breakfast

We usually order the veggie omelet with home fries and fruit. This is a photo of the most recent one. Seems like the omelets are getting thinner and thinner.

Here are ones from March.

Worcester March on Science Photos


After the floods..came the worms....

Indoor and Outdoor Garden

Peach blossom, daffodils, peas, beets, radish, all outdoors..and indoor blooms including peas, lilies, and onion plants.

British Virgin Islands

Self-portrait in a hotel bathroom

Rum Bar, and glimpse of brewery Cooper Island Beach Club

En route to the airport...morning traffic to Boston in a Lyft.

Copilot and flight attendant waiting for the restroom.

Ferry to Tortola (Provincetown III)



The "Indians"

Morning Light, Cooper Island

Through the hatch in the boat.

Dinner at Cooper Island Beach Club

Catching a mooring ball

Morning light from the sailboat

Morning swim

Hauling the sail

Near the wreck of the Rhone

Back to the Moorings, Tortola

The GPS scrawlings of our sailing week

Waterproof Camera Photos

The first of these are of the wreck of the Rhone, the 19th century boat that ran aground at Salt Island. 

Last Morning Swim

Heading back

Our Tour of Cooper Island Beach Club Solar, Water Treatment, and Waste Treatment 

Marie Howe, reading at the Creeley Prize Event