Friday, June 22, 2018

Solstice, Lake Winnipesaukee, and European Travels

Happy Solstice Greetings from the Wake with the Sun on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Lovely sunset and sunrise photos here for the solstice. We are back on the lake after 12 days' journey to France, Germany, and Switzerland. We spent a day in Paris, a weekend in Bonn, 2 days on Lake Constance, and 4 days in Yvoire. We saw friends and family and enjoyed our travels very much. Our travels included cycling (Paris, Bonn, around lake Constance (Germany and Switzerland) and in Yvoire, France, on Lac Leman, near Geneva. We had a lovely time, and we are recovering from the time changes, but are happy too, to be back in the tiny houseboat.

Also I got two new paddleboards so we can go out together. I took delivery at Y landing and ferried them both in tow with the red pedal kayak.

The pictures speak for themselves.  As always, it's lovely to hear from you.


Solstice Dawn, from the Wake with the Sun

Solstice Sunrise and Sunset Photos

Here are first some sunset photos on June 20, and then sunrise/dawn photos from our docked boat.

Paris and En Route

Here are a few photos I took in Paris, and on the plane and at the airport.
Cycling along the Seine.

En route to dinner.


 Electric car charging in Paris.

En Route and In Bonn

Army day in Bonn

Bonn, Center where Beethoven was Born and Max Planck Institute is

 A room with a view in Bonn

Dinner in Bonn

Harmonica, Hotel

Ten First Cousins and Siblings


Our first evening in the Konstanz area, we rode bikes to Gottlieben, Switzerland, on the Rhein, and had a lovely sunset dinner. 

  1. The next morning we rode our bikes to the Meersburg ferry and took it over to the other side of the lake before riding to Lindau, Island.

When we returned to Kreuzlingen, we walked up an observation tower on the lake.

Our wonderful Kreuzlingen Airbnb breakfast.

Train ride to Lake Constance with Reflections
Claude, spoiled, traveling first class

Dinner on the Rhein, presunset, first night near Konstanz, in Gottlieben, different camera.

Day two starting in Konstanz, and riding part of the lake with ferries and bike.

Fresh Cherries on the Road


Heading back to Konstanz, via train and ferry on a rainy day

Stein Am Rhein

Meal in a Fantastic Organic Restaurant in Konstanz. Here are photos of the restaurant and then photos of the city of Konstanz

En Route to Lausanne and then on to Yvoire 

We had changed plans before we made the trip to spend some times with Friends in Yvoire. I was able to purchase us all day train and ferry tickets from the SBB (Swiss Train company) so, when we found out that Claude's cousin lived near Lausanne, we could just hope off the train and meet her for a lovely lunch at her house, up the hills from Lac Leman. What a lovely lunch we shared with them. Then we went on to Nyon, where we hopped the ferry to Yvoire, and met friends for 3-4 days of walking, riding, and eating. Lovely, time.

From the train, with reflections

Lac Leman

A House with a View - we had a nice visit with family up hill from a city near Lausanne

Nyon, en route to the ferry

Nyon, waiting for the ferry

Ferry to Yvoire


Hotel/Restaurant where we ate dinner

Walking Yvoire

Old Tractors

Fixing the blowout we predicted would arrive
When I started riding, I noticed a bulge in the rear tire of the bike I was using. Later we sought out a bike shop, which had the tires needed for the bike, and tubes, so we were fortunate to have the tires on hand when the blowout took place.

Room with a view, sunset and sunrise

At the market

Centuries old winergy... very cool

Picnic in the grass


Solar powered boatride

There was a tour boat that claimed to be carbon-free. They used a few solar panels to charge their navigation equipment that ran off the 12 volt battery, but plugged the main motor batteries into shore power and charged these overnight. The boat leaves from Pleasant Bay marina.

Dinner in Yvoire

Sunset, Yvoire

Glassware shop, Yvoire
In Yvoire there is a shop that sells lovely glassware. They decorate the shop with flowers (some glass) and statues. I have several photos of tourists having their photo taken with the lady stature at street level. 


Yvoire Pottery

From the Nernier Gate, Yvoire

Un Marche

Step-down power transformer

View from the road

Chateaus of olde

In the monastery by the Chateau

Views from the ruins

Long day

Switzerland vs Brazil in World Cup Finals 1-1 tie

Leaving Yvoire, we walk to Nernier

The procession of the Bag Moth Catepillars

Our final ferry sendoff from Yvoire (to Nyon, then Geneva Airport, then to CDG and home)

Sad to leave, on the ferry to Nyon

Back on the Lake, June 22, Ducks, Views, our new Paddleboards
I bought new paddleboards to stay with us up here, rather than breaking down the inflatable each time. We woke before sunrise and headed out to 5 Mile Island with our boards. It was lovely. When we returned, there were some ducks. This first photo is some of Claude's cleanup of our lake "front yard". I missed capturing the red squirrel, picking through the finds as if they were gold.