Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Starting June on the Lake

So, we have been traveling back and forth up the lake. Claude is working hard to make our "big" island house liveable. We demolished the kitchen and Claude lifted the house to level it. All big stuff. And I planted a few seeds to see what might come up. And one day Claude did some digging in our front "yard" that is our front lake yard in the cove to clean up some trash. We have endured some stormy and windy weather, and managed to go back and forth to the marina a couple of times against very strong winds. And now, the mountains have greened fully and you can see only green when you look out at the mountains surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee.

Our favorite times are when we break for a meal out on the lake and enjoy our good food and the sun and a swim and maybe a nap. We feel very lucky to share this unique paradise.

So, even though mostly the lake has been our life these past weeks but also I had a poetry reading (my last for the season) in Plymouth, and I have been swimming in Walden pond even in the cold weather, although now that the life guards are back and they have installed the ropes, it's not quite the same.

Oh, and I have been picking the few veggies coming up in my own home garden.

Here are some of my latest photos.

Sun coming through the clouds, morning, facing east-northeast

Claude's High School buddy Came to Visit

Tree Damage from Fall Storms

 Bachelor Buttons in the Wake with the Sun

Dawn on a Cloudy Morning

More Sunrises

Loon, not a great photo, but one of many loons

Sun, filtered through clouds, reflected in Five and Six Mile Islands

Sunset on the boat

We love our dinners

More Sunset

More Sunrises

Trash Pickup from the Lake, including a Doll's Head with Grass Growing In it

 Foundation Lifting from Outside and In

Claude had found some old wood to use, one piece split in two

Walden Pond in June

Weatherization Testing from Mass Saves in my house

Plymouth Library Very Nice Reading Room
My Indoor and Outdoor Garden, oh and a baby bunny


  1. Fantastic pix. And the life! I hope you’re saving the doll’s head. It is so weirdly awesome — art in the wild. Claude looks like a kickass home -fixer- upper. And your gardens look scrumptious. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Lea. I am just now finding your comment. It's been a great summer. Yes, Claude is amazing. he just finished lifting up the house pretty much by himself - with a number of jacks as well. now all the jacks are gone and the house is lifted and level. Garden is doing well. Unfortunately the weird head went into the landfill...there really wasn't a place we wanted to keep it. If we left it outside, the red squirrels would probably take it for their nest. I hope your summer went (is going) well. Love, C

  2. Wake With the Sun is the best!
    A great underlying story (tiny houseboat adventures) with prose comments that read like poetry; also, great photographs of everything from beauty of lakescapes and wildlife, to a modern-art-like doll's head, found in the water and growing grass (!!!). Thanks to Carla and Claude for sharing their amazing adventures.

    1. Thank you so much, Kirk. I am just now finding your comments and love them. Lovely to hear from you. C