Monday, January 15, 2018

Ice is Nice, and Winter Farmer's Market

Greetings this "holiday" weekend, this weekend on a day of reflection, giving, and hope for peace.

Since I last posted, we have had very cold temperatures, a big snowfall, a big thaw with heavy rain, and another freeze.

Consequently, I have had some opportunities to ice skate on Walden Pond, Cross-country ski in the woods, and on the Concord River, and then take some nice walks outside. Oh, and of course, spend 7 hours one day shoveling.

I also received some nice press on my poetry book, Intimacy with the Wind. Here is a link:

I am still working hard at my poetry these days, so not spending as much time as I could on my video work. I feel very fortunate to be taken with taking photos, especially the ones I take with my Canon camera. I have also some cellphone pix that are not that great, but give a feel. For example, a friend invited me wo the Wayland Winter Farmer's Market recently. I didn't have my camera but used one of my androids to take some photos. I still like the feel you get of the market by looking at these. And of course, the mushrooms, food, and roots.

So, here are some favorite pictures.

Here's one of my favorite ice pictures. I took this of Walden Pond after the thaw, as the day was chilling down.

Mark Ostow' Instagram Photo of Me

Last October I took part in Mark Ostow's Writer Photo project. Here is one of the many he took of me. I love it.

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Walden Pond After the Thaw, on a Chilly Day

Ice fishing people walked on the pond. The ice looked rough and there were some wet spots around. This was the day after we had a day of almost 60 degree temperatures and a lot of rain.

Ice Shots before the big Snow

Before the big snow on Jan. 4, we had some very cold temperatures and so there was very good skating on Walden pond.  Here are a few ice photos taken with an Android.

Cross-Country Skiing on the Concord River

Because it was so cold for so many days, the river froze solid and we skied for miles from Carlisle to Concord and back on a cold sunny day on the Concord River. Here are some photos taken with an android. Before we turned around in Concord, the area was quite windswept, so, there were interesting textures in the snow.

Big Snow January 4

Here are a few photos I took after the big storm. The first is the shadow of an oak tree, still with its leaves on, on the roof across the street. /The last is a photo of my plants reflected in the snow drifts on my deck.

Winter Market Wayland

Every Saturday in winter months, Russell's Garden Center in Wayland hosts a winter farmer's market. Honey, root veggies, apples, coffee, herbs, kimchi, fish, meat, mushrooms, and more. The produce is beautiful. Big crowds and bustling around. I used an android for these snaps. Some are not great, in part due to the light, and in part because I was trying to take them unobtrusively. My friend Kate introduced me. I was so glad to be there. I spoke with Michael Docter, the  Winter Moon Roots guy from Hadley who had beautiful carrots, radishes, and potatoes, and who also keeps a houseboat in the Connecticut River. Also spoke with Meg who started the market, and Win, her husband who builds solar houses with his company, Enjoy the photos. 

After the Snow Left us, we walked from Great Meadows to Trail's End Cafe for Sunday Breakfast

Oyster Gloves

Santa brought Claude some oyster gloves this year. He uses them as often as he can.


There is an open mic we sometimes attend in Hudson, at a unitarian church. At the end of the night there is a youth jam. Claude, ever young, joined in.