Check out these videos about Wake with the Sun, TinySol, the tiny off-the-grid solar house and
houseboat that could and does sustain us in the summer.

Intimacy with the Wind, a book of poetry inspired by off-the-grid living on the Wake with the Sun

What's New on Wake with the Sun for 2016, Part II: Tool Bench and Fixtures 

What's New on Wake with the Sun for 2016, Part I: The Motor

The Sophie C. Mailboat Leaves Bear Island, Lake Winnipesaukee (2016)

The Dragonfly Drives the Boat

Towing a Pedal Kayak with a Pedal Kayak (2016)

Ghost Pedal Kayak (2016)

The Tiny Houseboat Goes into Lake Winnipesaukee (2016)

The Tiny Houseboat becomes a Tiny House (2015)

The Tiny House (TinySol) Becomes a Tiny Houseboat (Wake with the Sun), a Documentary:

The Sounds of Lake Champlain:

Tying Bowline Knots, an Instructional Documentary:

 What's new in the Tiny House, TinySol Part II

 What's new in the Tiny House, TinySol Part I

 A Tiny Houseboat Valentine

 The Children's Tour of the Tiny House

 The Tiny Houseboat Moves from Land to Water

 A Tour of the Tiny Houseboat

The Tiny House Takes a Road Trip

St. Albans Bay Algae

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  1. Greetings Carla and Claude!
    I adore tiny houses and enjoy watching tiny house videos on Youtube and TV channel 98 in NYC. Beautiful environment and your home is lovely. You are speaking to my heart. I'm seriously considering tiny house living in the not too distant future. Thanks, for sharing your wonderful experiences, photos and videos.