Monday, August 26, 2019

Cool nights, fresh breezes, summer wanes

After a few weeks of some very hot weather, interspersed with some very comfy weather, it seems summer is finally settling down and we are moving toward fall-like weather. This morning the mist off the lake was lovely as the sun rose, and the water temperature was higher than that of the air.

We have had some adventures! Not only our trip to Wolfeboro, which I mentioned in my last blog post, but we took a trip to Melvin Village in Tuftonboro, and had a lovely adventure staying out on the lake, meeting new people, and finding safe harbor from the strong winds. I have photos from each of our "ports of call". We made another blueberry pie en route to our return, but I managed not to photograph it before we ate it.

And, we even made it to the AMC's Three-mile island for their last morning of week 9, to greet old friends and say farewell as they left the island and the lake.

I want home for a few days to take part in some poetry readings, but didn't take any photos.

I hear the EEE threat down there is high, and I hope that threat diminishes with the change in weather.

Oh, I will be taking part in two ekphrastic poetry events...these are sculpture walks, wherein the poets read poems inspired by the sculptures. The first is on September 15, 2019, at 2 PM at the Old Frog Pond Farm in Harvard, MA. I have posted about their current show here, within the blog post. This is a lovely event with a reception that follows and the organic farm is wonderful to visit in any case.

The second is at the Beals Preserve in Southborough, currently scheduled for 4-6 PM Sunday September 22. I have 4 poems in this event. I am not sure if that will change (timewise) as a result of the EEE threat, but that is the current plan. I have posted some of the photos from that event  at the end of this blog post.

Oh and here is a link to drone footage of of neighbor's house for sale, with me taking off in the hobie, and our tiny houseboat in the background.

This photo I took this morning.

Here are a few more from this morning:

Evolution of the Moon on a Cloudy Night

One night we took a trip to Three Mile Island camp as dinner guests. I went paddling with a friend afterward (photos to follow). The moon had crazy light through the clouds. Here are some of the evolution of the moon/cloud smiley face.

Paddling / Peddling at Sunset

Here are a few more Miscellaneous Boating Photos, including an excursion with a friend, and a pie we made with her peaches from her garden, along with some blueberries and rhubarb

Dive Bar

The Dive Bar.. this strange boat is a floating bar, where apparently folks swim up to it and imbibe.

Sunset Series

Trip to Melvin Village...

 We started out with a full fridge on Thursday morning, and headed out toward Sandy Island and the "Hole in the Wall" a gap between two islands that leads to Tuftonboro bay, and out to Melvin Village. While we were there, we met the owner of the Lands End Marina, and the son of Fenton Varney, the Master Builder of Melvin Village. We had several enthusiastic conversations about the house.

Sunset at our Stop on Long Island, docked safely out of the wind

Just before we take off in the morning

Coming back from Three-Mile Island, we pass a boatload of Bachelors partying -- very enthusiastic about our boat

One more from this morning=

More miscellaneous photos from our travels -- Waterproof Camera

I took these photos along the way on our trip to Melvin Village, and also while out in the kayak with a friend, and with Claude. Yesterday the wind was up from the East/SE and we fought it for five plus miles to Pistol Island, owned by some nice folks we met along our travels. This group of photos also includes a trip to Five Mile Island to meet some folks for their annual kayak brunch over there. We had met these nice folks who organize the brunch in Wolfeboro a few weeks ago. And on one trip to Three-Mile Island, we saw the Doris E, the current mail boat as it took off.

Three-Mile Island has "flush" toilets

 The Steamboat :"Melvin"

Five Mile Island  Kayak Brunch

En Route to Melvin Village

Melvin Village Visit with Friends

Three-Mile Island Week 9 Farewell

Back near our Cove on Bear Island, Visit with Friends

Heading out to Pistol Island

A Few More Miscellaneous Pics

Here these photos include some friends on our boat as we tow their gas-fueled motor boat. See my intro for a link to a video on facebook for that.

Our First Carrot of 2019

I harvested our first carrot from our dock garden today. Not sure the others will be as perfect. This one was delicious.

My new toy.... my new inversion table for the  island

I was missing the inversion table we had in the Boston area, and decided to get an inexpensive one for Bear Island. I have been using it for 3 days now, and I think I'm taller already.

Tonight's Sunset

We set out this evening with our instant pot and food to cook. I cooked dinner on the boat (a la solar) as the sun set. Yummy evening all around.