Wednesday, August 29, 2018

East Meets West, Paddleboarding Cormorants, Mushrooms and More

Since I last posted, we've have been to the Appalachian Mountain Club's Three Mile Island in Lake Winnipesaukee for their week 9. Lot's of good food, friends, a boat tour of Wake with the Sun, and mushrooms. and more. And now we are back on Bear Island. A friend asked us if we have a name for our "big house" here. Then it came to me. "East Meets West." since we can see sunrise on the lake on the east side of Bear Island from the front of the house, and sunset on the lake on the west side of Bear Island from the back of the house. So, I played with that a bit in some of my photos, taking the sunrise reflecting on the west side of the house.

It's nice to be back on the lake, with another friend visiting. We saw a mink and an eagle, right here from our front yard.
Good food. Good friends. Air conditioning (nice to escape the sweltering heat and humidity).

Speaking of humidity, it's nice to see mushrooms popping up finally. Our black trumpet kitchen garden returned!

Oh, and here is some poetry news: First, my latest publication is a poem called "What My Mother Might Have Done" in Oyster River Pages. Here is a link to the poem:

Second, I have some readings coming up for those in the greater Boston area. These are both plein air poetry readings. The first one is assumed: September 16, 2 PM Old Frog Pond Farm, in Harvard Mass. Here is a link to the event. Here is a link to my archived blog, which includes a visit to the farm.
The second reading, which I am not possitively attending yet, is Sunday Sept 23 at 4-6 PM Beals Preserve, Southborough, MA.  Here is a link.

And we had a paddleboarding cormorant.  As always, it's lovely to hear from you.

And before that, a floating cormorant:

Leg, Leash, Sun


I have quite a few photos of the black trumpets, both gathered, and in situ. I also have others, I think some lobsters, and then a bunch I cannot identify but lovely shapes and colors.

And these look so much like acorns...

Clouds, Sunrises, Sunsets, and Moon

Three Mile Island Life

Here are some random shots I took while we were at the AMC's Three Mile Island Camp this week. The first two are of the Doris E., the mail boat that is substituing for the Sophie C. this summer.

Caught in the rain

Rainbow after the storm

East Meets West

Sunrise reflecting on the west side of the house and yard.

Kitchen/Dock Garden is Growing!

We still don't get much out of it, just a few greens and a few beans so far, but the peas and cukes and squash are flowering and I use the oregano and the basil in the breakfast.

Men at Work

Here we have Claude getting ready to lift up the front of the house.  And one of our guests, working on the deck. Then the two of them actually lifting the front of the house - before and after. Plus the tree guys across the cove at work taken down trees from the top down.

ForceFin Slim Fins

My old Slim Fins finally gave out after 19 years. They had symmetric cracks on either side under the middle of the foot. I had to replace them, and the in interim, while I waited for the replacements, I glued, epoxied, and taped. I was a little surprised at the price jump when I ordered the new ones. They were delivered via the mail boat, and while we were on anchor near Y-Landing marina, I headed over via paddleboard to the mail dock to meet the mail boat and pick up my new fins. I am very happy with them.

Breakfast is Cooking

Dinner and Breakfast with an old Friend

We had an old friend come and stay a couple of days. We had lovely meals, including a late sunset dinner cruise, and also some nice breakfasts.  At dinner, we had a "cookout." That is, we cooked our lemon chicken and rice and veggies dinner in the Instant Pot out on the deck while we motored out. Here are a few photos.

Old Blowdowns, Hiking Bear Island

We walked to the mail dock one morning, just before heading to Three Mile Island. We notice a few things: Mushrooms, blowdowns, and trail signs. There had been some relief from a recent heat wave with rains and cooler weather, so when we went walking, we found some nice black trumpet mushrooms right on the trail. We also saw these old blow-downs. And some nice signage for hiking the trails from the mail dock to the Bear Island church.