Sunday, February 24, 2019

Back to the Lake, Dead of Winter

It's been a strange winter with extreme cold and warm days. We found a few more days to get out ice skating, and also do a bit of nordic skiing.

Our big adventures were two-fold.

We returned to the boiler and replaced the separate thermostat relay system with a three-zone switching relay and removed the master/slave configuration of the aquastat/thermostat setup so that the nest thermostat, which requires power to charge the battery, would not be taken offline when the aquastat kicked in. Now all thermostats have equal say in calling for heat.

Also,  around Valentine's/President's day weekend we took our first overnight winter trip to Bear Island, back on Lake Winnipesaukee, to our home there, East Meets West. I was nervous that the lake wouldn't be frozen, but it was 15 inch ice, except where there were bubblers to keep the lake from freezing. I have some gorgeous big sky shots and it was a lovely trip with great food (we hauled out there) and being in our comfy (rustic) heated home for an overnight.   It was cool being about to ski up to different Bear Island neighbors and converse out on the ice.

I also did some cross-country skiing near Bretton Woods at Bear Notch and at Waterville Valley one weekend.

Anyhow, my favorite photos are from Lake Winnipesaukee. I hope you enjoy these too.

Oh, and I released some new videos recently. Here is one about picking up packages at Home Depot.

Here is one about invasive plants of new england.

Here is one about IKEA Hacking of our tiny house.

Here is one about charging your electric are while on vacation (away from level two or three charging stations).

More of Lake Winnipesaukee

Neighbors in our cove. Our first venture out. Heading to Three-mile Island.

Three Mile Island

Heading back to Bear Island

Coming Home, Almost Full Moon

Home as the sun is setting

Sunrise/Dawn in our Cove

Heading out to Circumnavigate Bear Island

Mount Washington (Snow-covered)

Ice Fishing Hut

Big Sky


We had the chance to skate at Spy Pond and I skated once more on Walden pond before the most recent snows.
Spy Pond, February 3

Walden Pond February 23

Spy Pond Feb 3

Walden Pond Feb 4

Bow Market, Union Square

I had the chance to visit this place where the Remnant Brewery is located in Union Sq Somerville, It's a place that makes an atmosphere out of thin air practically. I though it was cool and took a few photos.

Skiing Waterville Valley

I had the chance to ski Waterville Valley on Nov 10. Conditions were pretty good considering that was after a warm spell and a hard freeze. 

Decoupling the Thermostats and the Aquastat with a 3-zone controller and a repurposed transformer/relay

Valentine's Photos

We went out for dinner on Valentine's day. Here is Claude with the flat world, and my roses.