Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving, Traditions and Transitions

It's already late November, and we are easing into the cooler weather. We spent a lovely thanksgiving on Cape Cod, which included stopping at Nickerson State Park for a bike ride through the paved trails in their woods, and then of course, our annual dip in a pond, Cliff Pond, this time, to clean up before heading over for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with family.

I have been swimming in Walden Pond this month, each time claiming that day would be my last swim. My most recent last swim was on Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving, and the water was in the high 40s and chilly. My hands turn to stiff ice blocks, and putting my head in is a bit more challenging. But there is nothing like getting out and feeling the warm sunshine on your skin. So, I am thankful for the hope I still have, the pleasure of the fresh water, and the friends and family around me.

As the days get shorter, we move a bit more toward hibernation, but mostly we are enjoying the fresh air, swimming, cycling, and taking in New England's autumnal joy.

This month I took a trip to NYC to visit with family and give a short reading in the West Village. That was the same week and soon after a man drove his rented truck onto the west side bike path on Halloween. I took that path to my reading, and it was guarded and protected, but New Yorkers and tourists were riding and enjoying the path nonetheless.

So for these photos, I have lots of small travels, as well as my photos of Walden Pond and my recent swims there. I hope you enjoy.

Warm thoughts for is a favorite... my accidental golden raspberries that I have started up in my side yard yielded this year

Carla with Two Other Authors at Jefferson Market Library NYC

I had the chance to see some friends as I read from Intimacy with the Wind (now on Amazon)
in NYC last month. Here is a photo taken by my junior high school friend, Diana. I am seen here with Tim Tomlinson and Patricia Carragon. 

NYC Biking

I rode the west side bike path after the truck driver murdered  and injured pedestrians and cyclists on Halloween. It was a solemn place, and beautiful. 

Walking Near Horn Pond

My friend Jane and I take walks around Horn Pond from time to time. Here are some photos.

A Few More Golden Raspberry Photos

My raspberries have gone with the last few hard frosts we had. They were abundant and lovely while they lasted into November.

Walden Pond

Here are some photos I took at Walden, and there are a couple of me as well. The last days of swimming are so cherished by so many of us. There were harsh windy days, and warm sunny ones. All were good.

After my swim, November 21

Swimming Ritual

Drone at Walden

Family in Pink

Bike Path Ayer to Nashua

Claude, playing harmonica for Marge in a nursing home, while Marge looks on 

Family Thanksgiving on Cape Cod starts with clams and oysters

Friends and Family Thanksgiving Day After

Somerville, MA

Dan and Claude showed the premiere of their new joint video, "Save the Paper Towels", a rockumentary, at the Somerville Theatre MicroCinema to a sold out appreciative audience. Here they celebrate afterward. You should be able to catch this video on youtube in a week or so. Afterward, we stopped in at B-Fresh market in Davis Sq for strawberries.

More Walden

A few more Walden Picture here with another camera

Gallery 55 Natick

I went to hear my friend David Formanek perform at Gallery 55. Here is the one photo I took there. This is a photo of the makeshift bar. The painting behind the bar is of a young woman/girl operating a drone from her cell phone. I was inspired to take this when David's wife was projecting his performance on facebook live from her cell phone. 

Lastly, a photo of Nick Flynn Performing Poetry/Music with Shaker Flynn at Emerson

I went to two cool events for the Boston Book Festival. They included Nick Flynn reading while his friends played incredible music and also Clea Simon reading from her latest novel, among other authors. The other event was for City of Notions, a Boston Poetry Anthology, which has a poem of mine in it as well, Gum Surgery.