Friday, September 23, 2016

Messing About in Boats, Back in the Boston Area, No Swan Song and More!

It's hard coming off the lake. I had thought the blog might go on hiatus for a while when I returned, but a friend encouraged me to keep it up, so I will try, but probably not as frequently as during the summer.

I came back on Saturday, and by Sunday morning I was already on my bike for the first time in many weeks. It was windy, cloudy, and lovely. I didn't have my camera with me, but will be taking it with me next ride, and will show you the results. I did get those photos on the ride, plus more. I have the photos of the swirl at the end of the Sudbury Reservoir, the Swans in the middle of it, eating the algae, while a father and daughter are fishing, and a lone turtle I found on the road.

That Sunday of first return, I also attended a poetry reading in Brookline. The main featured artist was Alan Shapiro. What a poet he was, and what a poetry reading. Just prior to the reading, a friend approached me and said I looked strong. I am thinking that strength has come from my "messing about" in a boat all summer: Pulling ropes, snagging cleats, grabbing docks. I miss that. So now I am transitioning back to a land life. Not entirely, as I still go out on my paddle board and out for swims.

We finally had some much-needed rain here on Monday. I drove to Walden pond. It's scary how low the water it. Seems like 25% of the pond is gone. I had to take my photos in the rain, so it's not all that clear, but you "get the picture." As for my swim there, the water felt cool, but not as cool as Lake Winnipesaukee. Maybe 75 degrees. And, as small as the pond seemed, I was still able to snag my full swim.

What's nice about coming home this time of year is my fall-producing raspberries. There were plenty that were just about done...dripping off the vine, and others that melt in your hand and mouth and taste like raspberry wine, or raspberry vinegar. I like them that way, and also the harder, tart ones I pick early to save for later in the day.

And I have some nice sunset colors from my neighborhood last Monday evening.

I also just updated the Recipes tab on this blog. You might enjoy the Chilled Mint Tea Recipe. Click the link to see the recipes.

Sunset on my Block, September 19, 2016

Walden Pond in Rain

I was surprised how low Walden pond is. The DCR folks say that it is just on a low end of the cycles of pond height over the years. The summer has been very dry. I am thinking global warming might be part of this effect. Lake Winnipesaukee was also lower than normal. We had lots of trouble docking the boat at the end, lifting the motor, way before docking, and then  typing up to the outermost portions of the dock. But that's just more messing about in boats.

Raspberries to Come Home to

I come back to raspberries for breakfast every day. 

Chicken of the Woods, Hardened, but Something had a Feast

Father and Daughter, Fishing/Texting, Sudbury Reservoir

I stopped to photograph the swans, and I found this family to photograph as well. 

Swans, Algae Bloom, Sudbury Reservoir

I stopped when I saw these swans in the Sudbury Reservoir, swimming among the algae and eating. The first swam has a stick stuck to its back. This must be the time of year for swans, as I do not ordinarily see them there. 

Snapping Turtle on the Road

As I mentioned, we had a good deal of rain yesterday, and that brought out the reptiles. I saw this what appears to be an alligator snapping turtle on the side of the road. I tried to gently prod it to move along off the road, but it wouldn't budge. I alter passed a beautiful dead snake on the road too, but decided not to stop and take the "snap."

Swirls, Sudbury Reservoir

This spot was my original impetus for bringing my camera with me on the bike ride. I had seen this the other day, and wanted to photograph it. I love the way the colors swirl in the water. The first picture gives you and idea of the setting. When I arrived there on bike, before dismounting, and large blue heron took off. Nice spot a the heron to hang.

Straw Hats for a Warm Evening Out

Two men met at a poetry reading. Each wore a straw hat.This is how they "hat-greeted" each other.

David Bromberg: "You Don't Know Sh*t About Making a Set List"

I had the opportunity to attend a concert by David Bromberg. He's 71 now, and still has a strong voice, and is a virtuoso on guitar, and a true master of ceremonies: musicologist and raconteur. And he brought a great band along with him. 

I had seen him perform about 8 years ago, and was very disappointed. It seemed like he was on stage to promote his wife's band, rather than perform. He led his own band for only a short portion of the evening. Now he's back in form and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take attend his performance. After audience members continued to shout out various requests, he finally responded that he was an "old, overweight, Jewish schlub" and what that gives him is the right to define his own set list when on stage, and, then added, "You don't know sh*t about making a set list."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kinda Blue, Last Days on the Lake, Moon Dancing

Today is my last day on the lake for this glorious summer on Lake Winnipesaukee. It's been a summer of lovely swims, storms, clouds, friends, cooking, and meals. Yesterday, while swimming, I was listening to Miles Davis' Kinda Blue. Just the right mood for my luscious swim.

Our last visitors were my father and sister. Saying goodbye to them yesterday, leaving them off at Shep's triggered this solemn state, the reality of endings sinking in.

But the clear crisp sunny day Claude and I were left with was a blessing and we savored it, taking a little time to pack, and much time to go off alone to Five Mile Island and enjoy our afternoon.

It's been a time of full moon of late and when we go to sleep, the moon light, reflected off the water, dances on our ceiling. This is a moon dance! and Claude and I danced last night, the night of the full moon, our last night dance on Bear Island.

Here are some of my last photos. dawns, and the beautiful afternoon we spent yesterday, and the moonset behind our rental. My favorite, pictured first, is a photo of my father swimming. He took his time getting in, careful not to hurt himself, He had to overcome the chill before he took the plunge. But finally in, his body knew what to do, stroke after stroke, my father conquered the blue.

As ever, enjoy, and soon, I will update the videos and recipes.

Last Dawns 

Moonset over the Rental at Dawn

Cormorant in the Hood

Last Days Afternoon

Another Visit to Castle in the Clouds, including Ducks and Giant Rainbow Trout and Uh, Oh, Leaves Starting to Turn