Friday, September 9, 2016

Water Fashion, Mint Tea, Loons, Travels

So, craziness. Travels. Tours. We are leaving soon, and the beauty of this adventure will come to a close. But there is still more here for us to do before we take the boat out. This week we took a trip to Ragged Island and one to Three Mile Island. I did a photo shoot swimming in a dress and we saw some nice sunrises and sunsets. Here are the results.

Newest Fashion in Swimwear...

The Ballet of Loons

Sunset Traveling, Sunrises,  Dawns

Ragged Island Tour

We have been making most of our excursions either to Three Mile Island or to Five Mile Island this summer. Today we decided to take a trip to Ragged Island, which is another of the islands in the lake that is a public park. It was a little ragged indeed, but it was a nice trip out there, and we swam around the island and ate a nice lunch. Here are some photos I took en route and while there. 

Makeshift Bimini

Once more, for our tour back from Ragged Island, it was hot and sunny, so I constructed our makeshift bimini from my sarong for Claude to sit in the shade while driving the boat. 

Three Mile Island Tour and Fashion Swimming

We arranged to go to the Appalachian Mountain Club's Three Mile Island  Camp on Wednesday, to show the folks taking the yoga workshop our boat. It was a nice stop there during their yoga break after lunch. We met some old friends there too and made new ones. When we left, we set anchor off the island and did a video shoot of me swimming in my dress. Here are some photos. 

What's New in Wake with the Sun

We have made changes over our years living in Wake with the Sun over the summers. Here is some of the evidence. We have a nice hinged mirror over the sink. We now use an LED regular 60 W equivalent light bulb plugged into the house for our anchor light. And we replaced the fixture we use for attaching the red/green night navigation light with a nice sturdy stainless tube. And we added a compass to our console.

Anchor Light Photos

And here are a few more photos of the anchor light in action.

Mint Tea

When we are outside so much in summer, we need to hydrate. I have taking to making fresh mint tea and serving it chilled from the refrigerator.. I will be making a video about this, and putting the very easy recipe on the Recipes tab of this blog. Here are photos of my most recent batch.

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