Monday, September 5, 2016

Red Sky in the Morning, Mail Boat Spontaneous Tours, Five Mile Island Tours, Sunrises, Sunsets, and of course More Ducks

Well, I am getting a bit tired of the ducks hanging out on the pedal kayak, and especially when they were hanging out on my paddle board. But I also caught some merganser ducks in the neighborhood, so that was cool.

We have had some nice adventures this week.

We had a visit from friends from California. These were the first friends to get on our calendar when I started the blog for the summer. What a nice visit.

One day we took the double pedal kayak to Y-Landing and took the car to the Carriage House, a restaurant on the property of Castle in the Clouds. There are lovely views of the  lake from there, and from there, we could hike up 2.5 miles to Mt. Roberts and have some more nice views. You can see some photos here. When we returned to Meredith, we decided to eat dinner in town too, and when we were walking to our table in the restaurant, we saw the friends we had dined with a few weeks earlier, when we were caught out in the rainstorm in Center Harbor. Nice coincidence.

On Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, after our swims, we decided we had time to head out to the mail dock at Bear Island with our boat. We cooked eggs on the boat and ate our breakfast along the way. The winds were calm enough that we would be able to dock inside the mail boat dock area. We landed fine, and the crowds began to arrive and we gave many folks a tour of the house and handed out a few cards. If you are visiting this blog for the first time as a result, Welcome! What a joy to see so many faces light up when they see the tiny house on Wake with the Sun, and the little "miracle" of our ability to go around the lake entirely on sun power.

Right after that, we headed to Five Mile Island for a rest, and some folks walking the island swam out to us and had a nice long talk about the house, living off the grid, and other topics. Very  nice.

Then the following day, Sunday, we had arranged that a group of AMC paddlers from Rhode Island would rendezvous with us out at Five Mile Island again. We weren't sure we would be able to make it because of a forecast of strong winds, but we went out early in the morning and that was fine.

And of course, we had some lovely dawns and sunsets. Some of the dawns were red. Some of the days were stormy.Most, were sunny.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Oh, and I have a new video: My first in a series of videos about what's new on Wake with the Sun:

Sunset Reflected in the Door to Wake with the Sun

Clouds and Reflections

Phone Booths at the Rest Area near Exit 19 of 93 N

Dawns and Sunrises

Sunsets, Sunset Cruising, The Mount Washington Boat

Studies with Ropes, Water, Boat, Setting Sun

Visit with Friends

After the Mail Boat Spontaneous Tours

After we pulled into the mail dock on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we had folks clamoring to take a tour. We gave many tours and handed our cards with the URL to this blog before the mail boat came. The some tourists on the mail boat were also curious. We the mail boat pulls in,  folks like this person inside the window, climb aboard to buy ice cream or stamps or postcards or other sundries. When the boat leaves, some folks climb atop the pylons and jump or dive into the lake in salute to the departing boat.

The Houseboat en Route to Five Mile Island

Wake Boarding

A Couple of Swimmers

So, we were planning to meet this group at Five Mile Island and because of the wind forecast, headed out early, before we had a chance to have our swims. Claude went counterclockwise, while I went clockwise. Here is what happened when we met.

A Visit from an AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) Kayaking Group

We had arranged for this group to meet us at Five Mile Island. There were 4 of them and two of us. With six in the house, the tiny house becomes a bit more crowded. They enjoyed the explanations of what we were doing, and how the house and boat worked together. 

A Walk to Ossipee Park up Mount Roberts

From the Carriage House Restaurant off Ossipee Park Road, we had lovely views of the lake. Then, hiking up Mt. Roberts, we had even more views. Here also is a map of the area.

Ducks, of Course. and Reflections

This first group are our local "house" ducks. Then, after the water reflection, there are a group of mergansers who dropped in. 

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