Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kinda Blue, Last Days on the Lake, Moon Dancing

Today is my last day on the lake for this glorious summer on Lake Winnipesaukee. It's been a summer of lovely swims, storms, clouds, friends, cooking, and meals. Yesterday, while swimming, I was listening to Miles Davis' Kinda Blue. Just the right mood for my luscious swim.

Our last visitors were my father and sister. Saying goodbye to them yesterday, leaving them off at Shep's triggered this solemn state, the reality of endings sinking in.

But the clear crisp sunny day Claude and I were left with was a blessing and we savored it, taking a little time to pack, and much time to go off alone to Five Mile Island and enjoy our afternoon.

It's been a time of full moon of late and when we go to sleep, the moon light, reflected off the water, dances on our ceiling. This is a moon dance! and Claude and I danced last night, the night of the full moon, our last night dance on Bear Island.

Here are some of my last photos. dawns, and the beautiful afternoon we spent yesterday, and the moonset behind our rental. My favorite, pictured first, is a photo of my father swimming. He took his time getting in, careful not to hurt himself, He had to overcome the chill before he took the plunge. But finally in, his body knew what to do, stroke after stroke, my father conquered the blue.

As ever, enjoy, and soon, I will update the videos and recipes.

Last Dawns 

Moonset over the Rental at Dawn

Cormorant in the Hood

Last Days Afternoon

Another Visit to Castle in the Clouds, including Ducks and Giant Rainbow Trout and Uh, Oh, Leaves Starting to Turn



  1. beautiful end of summer pics, hope to join you and Claude again next summer. Marty

  2. Thanks Marty. Not completely sure where we'll be next year, but will keep you posted. Hope to see you next year.

  3. Sounds thoroughly relaxing and re-centering.