Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy New Year, We Hope

Well, it's been a while since I have posted, basically since we returned from the lake. My last outdoor swim was on November 10. Since then, we have had frigid weather, snow, great skating ice, and a balmy solstice. We have also been biking quite a bit on bike paths around here and there.

I hope you have had warm and loving holidays with family and are ready for a great new year and longer days.

I have had a few poetry readings, and have been going out to hear some great music.
Here are some of the photos, starting with the great black ice we had for four days of skating in mid-December in Littleton, MA.


Embedded fish and Gull Guano

I came upon a seagull on the pond, and the seagull promptly flew away when I approached. When I got to where the gull had been, what was left was what the seagull was longing for..the small fish embedded in the ice, the gull tracks, where the ice melted where the seagull had stood, and the guano.

Pumpkin Baking and Thanksgiving

I baked two pumpkins just before Thanksgiving. The first was a hug heirloom pumpkin I bought at Trader Joe's for $7. It must have weighed 25 pounds. The second was a small heirloom pumpkin I bought at Whole Foods. When I went to cut the smaller pumpkin, it had already sprouted many of the seeds. The result was a not too tasty pumpkin, so I ended up making a spicy pumpkin soup with it and bringing it to Thanksgiving.

Mayo Beach, on the way to Thanksgiving (Wellfleet)

Thanksgiving, 2018 - Big Turkey

A Walk in the Woods

A friend and I walked in a nearby state park on December 17. It was a little muddy, but not icy and no snow.

Walden Pond Days

I had my last swim on November 10, as I mentioned. I might take a dip on New Years Day as it is forecast to be sunny and near 50 degrees outside. Here are some photos of November days at Walden. Folks are still swimming there.

My friend Konstantin took this photo of me on the way out of the pond, after my swim.

Fall Snow

Here I have photos of the only snow we had so far this year. Leaves make a speckled pattern.

A Bunch of Turkeys Passing Through My Back Yard

Dennis Brennan with Guests
I went to see a couple of Dennis Brennan shows in the last few weeks. Dennis normally place with Duke Levine, Kevin Barry, Richard Gates, and Billy Beard. He has a band to play the interval set between his two sets. The first show I attended, Mark Erelli, and Zack Hickman played the interval, and Marty Ballou sub'd for Richard on Bass with Dennis. For the second show, Willie J. Laws was the interval player. 

Mark and Zack

December Show Dennis Brennan with Willie J. Laws in the Interval

Will Daily
We had the chance to see Will Daily at the Burren. Extreme performer. 

Open Mike at the El Mariachi Restaurant in Framingham
Roberta Lamb and Kenny Selcer run an open mike in Framingham most Wednesday evenings.

Fabric Painting
I have done fabric painting for years, but it's also been a while since I have picked up a brush. Today I was inspired. It was sunny and I put on some music (Susan Cattaneo) and had a nice time with my paints. I will probably finish side two later this week (of the undies and the tote that is). 

Before we actually Found Skateable Ice, We checked out Westin

Open Mike at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington
The first friday of every month, there is an open mike in Arlington. It's very popular. Here are some cool young teens rocking out Lou Reed.

Another Brief MFA Visit
Last fall, I attended a couple of Monday night poetry workshops with Krystin Hill at the MFA in Boston. This was an exhibit that was inspired by South American quipu. Here are some photos from that exhibit and from running around the MFA.

Playing Around with a BIG Monitor