Friday, June 23, 2017

Wake with the Sun is Back, trip to NYC, and More

Well, we are back on Lake Winnipesaukee, and how lovely it is. The water is cool, but not too cold, the air temperature is pleasant, and the surrounding mountains are serene. For our first night back on Bear Island, we headed out for a Solstice sunset cruise, and enjoyed lovely views. This morning, I paddled to Five Mile island (roughly a mile away) and then swam back.

Our plans are to sit back and chill, enjoy friends who visit, swim, paddle, and keep writing, working, and making videos.  We are still listening and reacting to the news of the world and the nation, but what a nice place we are to do that from. Oh, and cooking. - I hope to put up new recipes this season too.

I also have some lovely photos of my trip down to NY in the Bolt, and a nice walk around Horn Pond in Woburn, and various music pics including Dennis Brennan Band at the Lizard Lounge and Pesky J. Nixon at Front Street Concerts in Hopkinton.

My favorite photo for the moment is this one I took this morning when I woke with the sun on Wake with the Sun. Enjoy.

Oh, and Thank you to all who have preordered "Intimacy with the Wind" to be published by Finishing Line Press this fall. If you haven't yet preordered a copy, here is a link, and thank you so much in advance.

Most Recent Pics from our most recent voyages on Wake with the Sun 2017, including our solstice sunset cruise

Fishing outside the window

Sunset Cruise

Wake with the Sun

Recent Photos with the Waterproof Camera

Horn Pond and Walden Pond



Back to Walden

Dennis Brenna Band, June 14, 2017 -- Fools Songs Set

Front Street Concerts - Pesky J. Nixon

This nice Hopkinton concert series for socializing and good eating and nice music is worth checking out.

Beals Preserve, Southborough Open Land Foundation Walk and Art Exhibit

Trip to NYC and environs June 8-11

We drove the Bolt to NY a couple of weeks ago. Down on one charge. Back on one charge. That is going places in an electric car. During the trip I saw friends, rode along the hudson in Manhattan, and took the train long the Hudson to Grand Central from Tarrytown. 

Dancers in Soho

Cool spot in Soho

Ceiling in my high school auditorium

Peaches on the tree

Dogwood leathery bark

Train from Tarrytown

Someone Paddling the Hudson in NYC

Friends at Offrenda

Train to Tarrytown

Aeronaut, Somerville, Poets and Pints, Susan Barba

Bye, Bye Baby -- Sold my old Honda!