Sunday, July 16, 2017

Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Cooking, Eating, Tiny Houseboat Traveling

Well, we are just settling in to our little cove on East Bear Island, near the carry. We try to go out almost daily for a nap, a meal, and the sunset, and have enjoyed questions from other boaters as we are out there, and just the serenity of the beauty around us. I also get to pick black trumpet mushrooms almost daily and I have a bunch of photos here of my daily pickings.

And of course there are the usual photos of sunrises and sunsets, and some of the luscious meals we have been eating. We use the black trumpets in our daily egg breakfasts, usually sauteed with garlic. We have also used our Instant Pot to make a few meals. Most recently, I made black beans and rice with vegetables and a bit of tomato sauce.

I hope you enjoy the photographs, and as always, thank you for looking.


PS A big thank you to all who have preordered Intimacy with the Wind to help determine the press run for the book of poems, many of which are inspired by off-the-grid living in the solar-powered houseboat, Wake with the Sun.  Today, Sunday, July 16 is probably the last day to do so and still affect the press run, but feel free to order the book after that date anyhow.

Black Trumpets on a Cutting Board


Sunset Travels 

We often see the Mount Washington on our travels, Folks pay $47-$57 per person for dinner and dance sunset cruises. Sometimes we dance along on our deck. 

Bird Life Nearby

Kayak Traveling and Paddleboarding

Anchor Light on, Five Mile Island

Five Mile Island, paddling

Kayaking on a Cloudy Night

Colorful Food

Here are some of the ingredients I used in the Instant Pot Black Beans and Rice (aside from the Black Beans and Rice)

Here's the Instant Pot before it all cooked up


Tiny House and a breakfast

More Black Trumpet Harvests

Claude plays out in Meredith