Saturday, July 8, 2017

Messing Around with Boats, Mushroom Kitchen Garden, Storm-chasing and More

We were up on the Wake with the Sun for just over a week when we headed home for the fourth of July weekend. We packed up the double kayak with the two of us and some gear, and drove south. The weekend in the Boston area was hot, but we managed to get some swims in at Walden pond, and visit with friends and have a house party too!

We left Lake Winnipesaukee on Friday of the holiday weekend, just as all the boats were coming in and the boil of the lake was beginning. When we returned on the 5th, it was a lovely day, and there were still a lot of boats around. Aside from our travels from the lake, we have been traveling about in the lake, mostly out to Five Mile Island, or Six Mile Island, for a meal, a nap, and a sunset cruise. When we go for groceries or to do a trash run, we use the pedal kayaks. You will see lots of sunset photos here, as well as a few sunrises.

Also, I have a little "kitchen garden" here..that is, the spot where the black trumpet mushrooms shoot up behind the kitchen where we are renting a place. Last year I didn't see any mushrooms as it was too dry, but this year, there seem to be plenty.

We headed out today to Five Mile Island after a rainy stormy late morning. The air was crisp and the water was fairly calm. We parked on anchor in the lee of Five Mile Island, a little bit out from shore as the shoreline was shallow. We cooked dinner onboard, on the deck, in our new Instant Pot -- a chicken curry rice pasta stew I will have to put the recipe down for in the recipes section of this blog.
Just before we decided to leave, the wind picked up and changed direction... white caps, and 2 foot waves .. we used most of the power we had to pull out and finally made it out of the wilds as it call calmed down.  The water was wild, and I took some footage that I will post another time. Reminiscent of our time in stormy weather on Lake Champlain. We were rewarded when we returned by a full rainbow, and then headed out in the kayak for the last of the sunset colors.

Finally, I finished my first video of the season. It's a promotional video for my book of poetry, Intimacy with the Wind, from Finishing Line Press. Here is a link to the video.  I'll embed this on the video tab soon. If you have already ordered the book, a big thank you to you, and you will receive it from Finishing Line Press early this Fall. If you haven't already ordered the book, thank you for considering ordering the book, since the publisher ties the print run to the number of books preordered, and this will help me get the book to press. In any case, I do think you will enjoy the video. While I was making the video, I took some interesting shots. Here is one of my favorite. As always, I love to hear from you. Carla

A Few Dawn Photos from our Houseboat (Wake with the Sun)

Sunset Cruise Photos

The Mount Washington touring boat

Cooked on the Deck, Storm, Rainbow, Dinner Sunset

Wake with the Sun Traveling Photos

Spider Web

Spider Web

Chillin in the Cove

Big Sky

Claude to the Rescue

Under the new awning

The anchor pulled up a mussel

Morning, with Awning

 Nice Soup, Lakeside in Meredith

Typical Breakfast: Egg Scramble with Fruit

Kayak needed plunging

More Sunset Photos

Kitchen Garden of Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Fin Insert Repair Project

Steam-powered Boat at Six Mile Island

More Sunset Photos

Mallards in the Hood

 Tiny Houseboat? A construction barge

Our Reason for Heading to Fruitlands Fireworks...Sunset Fireworks...
We wanted to have a picnic at the Fruitlands Museum on July 3. It turned out thousands of others did too, as they were celebration the Harvard, MA Fireworks that night. We followed the cars in, parked and set up our picnic. We left after the sunset and that was just fine with us.

Long Lake in Littleton -- More Boat Messing

House Party

Walden Pond

Carlisle Turtle

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