Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sad Farewell to the Lake (for now)

With some sadness, but recalling our wonderful summer, spring, and fall on the lake, we lifted our dock and closed up our Bear Island house. It was a beautiful Saturday in October, and with a mostly following wind, we headed south to Fay's, the winter home for our big boat. We had some lovely swims, even in October, but put everything away and set up our house for winter.

Since Claude was able to create a room for our composting toilet this summer, and we also had the underneath of the ground floor of the house foamed up with insulation, we are hoping to have some nice overnight visits to the house this winter, once the lake freezes over. 

I'll stop writing here. I am glad we are back home, even though we had some lovely days up on the lake, and there will be some we miss. 

Oh, and we did take the Cotton Valley Rail trail from Wolfeboro to Sanbornville and back one day. This is a stone dust rail trail with the rails still in tact, so you have to cross them with your bike several times during the ride.

Be well and enjoy the fall. Carla

PS if you have a Mitsubishi Heat Pump/Mini Split, I made a video about setting a weekly schedule here. I am working on an improved version but this one is fairly informative. 

Here are some photos...all of the house and lake, so I will not categorize. The first is one of my faves, taken at sunset at the beach near behind the house.. 

Lake is Warmer than the Air at Sunrise

Heading Back up to the Lake Mid-October

Backyard Sunsets

Front Yard Sunsets

Backyard Sunsets

Getting Ready to Ride, a Stop at the Town Dump en Route to the Cotton Valley Rail Trail


Sunset Inside and Out

Dawn the Last Morning on the Lake

Water Play

Leaf-peeper's Traffic Jam...Indigenous People's Day

Our Trip Out with Wake with the Sun

Pea Flowers and Dragonflies

At the end of the season. My peas in flower. Dragflies on the boat deck, and then taking off.