Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eagle Eye

Thursday was a good take to take the boat out. The winds were not too high, and we decided first, to head to Three Mile Island, where the AMC campers were all out and in awe as we passed by. Then we headed for Blueberry Island, and anchored at the tip. Blueberry island, like many of the Winnipesaukee islands, has blueberries on the south side. So, we went picking. When we were done we returned to our boat. Soon, I saw fleets of kayakers heading toward the island. There must have been some sort of twitter feed about the Eagle nestled atop a tree at the head of the island. So, I pulled out the camera, and although our boat was kind of shaky with the wakes of other boats, we were able to capture the eagle close up. You can see some photos here.

And of course we have the usual sunrise photos. and one more from the Wake with the Sun, Inc. Office comedy series. Hope you enjoy.

House at Bear

 Blueberries at Blueberry Island 

 More Sunrise

The Eagle

More Sunrise

Could you please repeat that. The employee in the next cubicle is eating a carrot.