Monday, October 8, 2018

Fall, Full-fledged

Well, fall seems to finally be settling in. We are having crisp days, and some cloudy ones. The garden is fading, and we are finding reasons to nest. Yet, we still have had some nice island walks, and super paddleboard/swims. The air is chilling but the water is holding onto the heat, so far.

I've been traveling back and forth for poetry readings, and seeing friends, and I find it hard to leave, although I enjoy life in the Boston area as well.

This past trip I had the chance to attend a lovely reading for the closing of an outdoor sculpture exhibit in Southboro. The event was called "Art on the Trails" and the organization produced a book of poems inspired by the beautiful sculpture installations. The poets, including me, read their poems as we all walked the woods to visit the sculptures. Some of the artists were there, and that was lovely. Unfortunately, I had my camera on the wrong setting, and my photos are not very good. Same goes for the photos of the beautiful chicken of the woods mushrooms I found growing on my dead honey locust again this year. I will include some of these at the end, but must apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I took one with my phone, which is clear, and at least shows some of the nice colors.
I also missed a few photos of sunsets and sunrises for the same camera error.

Our news is that we have a new outdoor shower! It's beautiful, and as the days are cooling we love hopping in after our swims to warm up while the sun shines.

And I have a new video for making one of our new favorite dishes: Turkey Burger Helper for the Modern Age. Here is a link: - we have been loving this and I hope you try it. It's funny because when you cook burgers in the instant pot, they end up cooked, and whole at the top of the pot.

I also had the opportunity to participate in the Princeton Women Alum Conference, She Roars 2018. it was an incredible event and I will make a separate posting for that.

So, life is pretty wonderful in Wake with the Sun, land, even as summer has faded. I hope you have a peaceful and colorful fall. As always, we love hearing from you.

Warm Showers, Outoors


An Abundance of Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

I grew these beans and peas. The  black trumpets I gathered. The rest are photos of the garden of our woods here on Bear Island.

More of my garden

More of the woods

Local wildlife

Sunrises and Sunset Cruises

Sunrise Reflection

Sunrise Reflection

Merganser, Wrong setting on Camera

More Mushrooms

I returned home a few days after the first set, and more mushrooms were growing. I also added a couple of shots of my home garden produce: raspberries, a potato, rhubarb, fennel, and arugula

She Roars

I had the opportunity to attend the She Roars Conference at Princeton, University.  We had interesting speakers including Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Amy Cuddy, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Ellie Kemper, and a whole lot of others. 3000 women princetonians had a blast. I am dedicating a separate blog entry to that following this, but here are a couple of photos.

Shots of Art on the Trails 2018

This was the closing of a sculpture installation in the woods and fields and wetlands of the Beals Preserve in Southboro. Poets wrote poems inspired by the sculptures and read these as we walked through the property.  This first photo was taken of me by Wendy Drexler. Unfortunately my camera settings were incorrect so most of these do not look that great. 

Cormorant on the Rock

Family Portrait

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