Friday, August 28, 2015

North Hero, City Bay

Here you can see some photos from Burton Island as we left, and then our passage by Knight Island, en route to City Bay in North Hero. The passage was calm, or dable winds for the most part. When we arrived on dock in N. Hero at the Hero House, with hopes of checking out the place, we were greeted by many folks wanting to learn about Wake with the Sun, and how we go about living our nomad life off the grid, powered by the sun every day. We spoke with folks for almost an hour before we finally stepped on dock and headed out to tech out the inn. We had hoped to potentially take a room and keep our boat on dock there overnight, but after they told us it would be OK. we were later told that we would not be permitted to keep the boat on their dock for liability reasons, That made sense, as the dock was very rickety, but when we were eating a bite at their lakeside bar, we saw a larger boat than ours pull up and dock, and the bar welcomed them, and even took their trash for them. Later, the head manager at N.Hero House said that oh, it was OK to dock for an hour or so for a meal. I had the sense that the owner of NHH just didn't want our attention-getting solar house on his dock. That was fine with us, though, as we went out on anchor and, after at nice dinner at NHH, we slept very well in the calm bay. It would be nice to doc temporarily, so hopefully we can. Otherwise, the water seems clean here and folks are very interested in the boat. When we arrived for dinner to the dock via our dingy (our pedal kayak), there was a crowd of maybe 8 adults waiting to talk to us about the boat. We cave them cards for this blog, but had to run off to try to catch the general store before it was supposed to close. As it turns out, it was closed. We will try the store today. Folks say the store is unusual, and worth visiting. It's called Hero's Welcome. They also have a marina, and said we could dock there temporarily, and will try that later today.

All for now.

Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Morning, before leaving Butler Island

Leaving Butler

Approaching Knight Island

North Hero, City Bay

Sunrise colors

Early Morning

Butler Island, From the Paddle Board


Morning Eggs

North Hero, City Bay

A House in North Hero that Town Hall Doesn't Know About

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