Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back at Butler Island, Friends, and Winds, Becoming Calm

We left Butler Island early Sunday morning to meet a friend at Killkare State Park in St. Albans Bay, VT. She was to arrive around 10:30 and after a long early morning swim for me, we headed out at 7 AM or so and were anchored near Killkare before she arrived. I set out on the pedal kayak to ferry her over to our boat, and instead of going to Burton, We took the Wake with the Sun over to Woods Island, another state park island nearby, a little further away from Burton. We had a lovely lunch that Myra brought, and then swam and she and I kayaked around the island and checked out the trails on the island before making it back to our houseboat.

For dinner on Sunday night,  I decided to invent something with the beets we were given by Armin and Karen on Butler Island the afternoon before. More about that another time, as I am hoping to make a page for Solar Houseboat Recipes.

Then on Monday, another friend, Elaine, arrived from Montreal, along with her friend, Louise.
It was a lovely visit. We had a nice lunch indoors, and then headed out on a walk to the other side of the island to swim.

After they left, Claude and I went to anchor near Mosquito Island nearby (I kid you not, on the name) so we could escape the campfire smoke in the mooring field, and we ate smoothies out there,
and when we returned to the mooring field, the wind picked up quite a bit, so it was nice to be on mooring.

This morning, after I paddled on my board some, we took the ferry over to Killkare, and took the car to do laundry and buy groceries. We ate breakfast in St. Albans City, at a new restaurant called "Build a Bagel". Their menu was kind of brief, (fried eggs were on the menu for example) so when I asked if they did eggs sunny side up, they said yes, so then I proceeded to ask for toast, and they said they only had bagels, so we ended up with two eggs, sunny side up, with garlic bagels with cheese melted on them and homefries. You will see some pictures of this very yummy breakfast we had there.

We made it back to Killkare in time for the noon ferry, and when we returned, we set out again for Butler Island. Burton island is very nice, and we really liked the people we met there, but their power lines failed so they had generators running 24/7 and there were lots of campfires, and we are not fans of the diesel or the smoke, so it was nice to leave there and come back to Butler, where it is quiet, especially during the week, when most camp-owners are not there, and there are no other boats at anchor. The water also seems much cleaner over here, so all in all, we are glad to be back at Butler.The trip to Butler was very pleasant, as there was hardly any wind, so we didn't have to mind the boat very much at all.And that was the forecast for today: Winds becoming calm in the morning.

Here are some photos of these days...

Lentils, for Lunch

Montreal Friends

Burton Island North Side

Ferry Back, Sad to Say Goodbye

Mosquito Island Sunset View

Ferry to Killkare, Tuesday Morning

St. Albans Build a Bagel: Home Fries, Eggs, Cheese, Bagel, and Frank's Hot Sauce

St. Albans City Clock

Ferry back to Burton from Killkare

Solar Corn on the Cob on the Deck

Reflecting Clouse, Butler Island, East Side, Tuesday Eve

Loon, Sunday Morning

Solar Apple Sauce, with Burton Island Apples

Solar Popcorn

Burton Sunrise

Burton Island Marina

Wild Water Between Killkare and Burton

Friends from Montreal Arrive via Ferry

En Route to Butler Island, Tuesday

On Anchor, Butler Island


House, on Anchor

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