Sunday, August 23, 2015

Butler Island, and Back

We had checked in with our potential visitors yesterday and none were coming so we headed out to Butler Island, about less than 2 hours north of Burton Island. I have friends who have a camp there so we were hoping to meet up. They had sent me a wrong phone number, so I was not sure how that would work. We made it to Butler by 8 AM and set anchor in a cove we thought might be likely to be near them (based on little information). Then I set out for a paddle and swim, and Claude set out for a swim. We had breakfast, and then set out in the pedal kayak to beach out and search on foot. We met some very nice folks on the island who pointed us in the right direction. Later those folks let us beach our kayak on their beach, and also gave us some extra veggies from their garden. All around it was a good experience.

Anyhow, we walked around and finally found our friends, and had a lovely day talking and sharing food. Butler is a quiet island. The only electricity there is via solar, so it's tranquil. The people who have camps there are very friendly. We very much enjoyed the island and hope to go back. What a change from Burton, where they run diesel generators 24/7 since they lost their land power.

OK.. all for now. Here are some photos.... land, water, boats, trees, and friends...

Burton Marina

Burton Island Nature Trail, Knots

Nature Trail Burton Island

Weather Gear, Southern Tip, Burton Island

Big Tree, Burton

Sunrise, Burton, Before Heading to Butler

En Route to Butler, Stretching

En Route to Butler

Bogged Up Motor, En Route to Butler

Butler Island and Approaching Butler

Sunrise, Butler

En Route to Burton

Exploring Butler by Pedal Kayak and Foot

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