Friday, August 28, 2015

City Bay, North Hero, One More Night

Tonight we find ourselves on anchor again in City Bay North Hero. Just after we set anchor, our friends, John and Bob stopped by in their boat, en route to Butler Island for the weekend. So, that is nice, we will get to see them again tomorrow. This afternoon we biked all over N. Hero (the southern part) trying to avoid Route 2, and sticking to small roads. We stopped at the N. Hero Marina, and took a couple of photos.

Before heading out on the bikes, we dropped them off with the boat at the Hero's Welcome Marina. They used to sell gas at the end of the dock, so they asked us to park our boat there. Ironic of course, since our boat does not use gas. We were only stopping to offload the bikes, but once we arrived at dock, we had small crowds of folks asking us about the boat. If you were there, thanks for visiting the blog here. And thank you all for visiting the blog. Here are some more photos for you.

Gas Dock

Hero's Welcome General Store

N. Hero Marina

Moonrise over Wake with the Sun

Anchor Light

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