Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wind, Clouds, Thwarted Tries, Finally, Saturday, and We Try Again

It's Saturday, and our attempts and thoughts of traveling to Valcour have been thwarted each day by high winds, cloud cover, and forecasts. In the past, we might not have used cloud cover as a reason for not venturing forth, but here in Lake Champlain, this big lake of waves and wind that comes up suddenly, we are hesitant to go forward.

So, instead of motoring with the electric motor, we ventured out on our bikes for these last few days, and here are some photos of our mornings here in Mallets Bay, and our adventures via bike to Burlington and to South Hero.

Sunrise on a cloudy day

Biking Champlain to Burlington

Snow in Vermont

You Gotta Love Snow

Leddy Park

Vermont Wildlife

Champlain Views

Newscast from the Echo Center

Calm, At the End of Day

Morning in the House

Too Much Wind

Birdhouses and Dinasaurs, S. Hero

Big birdhouse? Tiny house? Ice Fishing House?

Finally, a Bicycle Rest Area

Oh Sun

Lake Causeway

Morning Sun, Tiny House, Valcour, Here We Come

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