Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Burton Island State Park, VT, We Made It!

We didn't plan to go all the way here today, but the winds were with us and we made it about 15 miles traveling for many hours. We had thought we would stay in Grand Isle, before the Gut, before the bridge under Route 2 from S. Hero to N. Hero, but we ended up deciding to move on and went all the way to Burton, where we are safely moored. And Happy. The park is nice and friendly to us, and we are feeling very welcome here. Please come and visit and say hi, or camp out and let us know you are coming. We hope to stay for a while, and do some day excursions.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. I had some fun taking them.

Sunrise, Valcour Island

Early Start East to S. Hero Island

Big Waves en Route

Things Calmed Down as We Headed East 

Looking at the Cut

Just before the Cut into the Gut

The cut

The Gut

Approaching the Drawbridge on Route 2 between the Heros

Under the Drawbridge on Route 2

En Route to Burton Island, All is Calm in the Inland Sea

Breakfast Cove

Another House in the Neighborhood

Selfie Swimming

En route to Burton Island

Algae Bloom, Yuck

Sup and Supper

En Route to Burton

Burton Island at Last

Sup and Motor

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