Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Clouds and Sun

We originally thought we might be able to go out today to Valcour, as the winds were predicted to be low. However, we woke to a thick layer of clouds. There have been periods of full sun too, so we are fully charged with the battery now, but we were concerned that we would be underway against the wind and might lose too much charge. So, we stayed put for the moment. That let me get on my board this morning and out out to a nice spot for a swim. I took some photos of the dark clouds around, and some of the sun, shining on the house. I hope you enjoy.

Yesterday we also holed up, still in Mallets Bay, because it was to rain most of the day, and it did. So, I also have some photos from Yesterday. Yesterday's highlights included a visit to the Old Spoke's Home bicycle museum, some shopping (we bought a new present for the tiny house), and dinner out at a Turkish restaurant on Church St. Extension in Burlington, with friends, Charles and Lynn.

Here are some photos all around.

And here are some from the museum

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