Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday, Our First Day on the Island

Traveling 15 miles at 2.4-5 mph in the hot sun can be gruelling. It took us a good part of Tuesday to arrive at Burton Island from Valcour Island. We were welcomed by friendly staff right away. Burton is not a wilderness area as Valcour is. It has a campground with tent sites and lean-tos, and 3 miles of hiking trails.

On the way to the island, as you can see from my photos yesterday, we encountered green algae scum on the lake near the island. That was disconcerting. The staff told us it was not algae but pollen. We were certain it was algae.

This morning I woke early and want out on my paddle board. I brought my swim gear with me, since I thought there might be cleaner water on the other side of the island, where it would be more windy. So, I headed out on the board and took some photos along the way. The swim on the west side of the island (backstroke against the waves) was quite nice. when I returned to my board after the swim, I decided I would circumnavigate the island on the board, The waves were pretty rough on the other side of the island, but I stayed on my knees for a good part of the return and surfed the waves back. It was all told two hours of boarding and swimming combined.

When I returned, Claude and I took the pedal kayak to the dock where we ate a nice breakfast at the campground bistro. They also have internet out there, so I brought my tablet and did a little bookkeeping while I was there too.

After breakfast, Claude and I headed back to the other side of the island for a swim.

Later i was able to speak with a staff member who informed me that the results of their testing of the swim area water were fine.

We are still leary of the water there, but that was a comfort. We still end up taking a hot shower in the evening to clean up.

Tomorrow we will take our bikes on the ferry to the mainland and ride to Mallets Bay to pick up the car and fetch a few groceries.

Here are today's photos. I hope you enjoy them.

Sunrise, Burton Island


More Sunrise

Our New Home

Afternoon Sojourn Around the Island


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